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  1. Does anyone know where bedding plants can be obtained from. We usually go to Morrisons every year but because of the virus we have to stay away from crowds as one of us is at high risk. Online ones are pretty expensive to be delivered. Anybody grow them at home or on an allotment and has them for sale. We are in S20 and dont want to travel far by car due to restrictions on movement. Thanks for any help/suggestions.
  2. Am wanting to transfer a few personal VHS tapes onto DVD. Anybody able to do it, can pay, or where can i have it done without emptying the bank! Thanks
  3. Hi thanks for the reply, it appears it may be a sales ploy, it seems the only way to solve it is to buy their pro version. Very bad though when the website entries are alphabetical but on their program they random. I am not very savvy when it comes to things like this but my colleague is. very frustrating and time consuming having to scroll hundreds to amend or delete one entry. If you fancy a challenge get back to me and will discuss with my colleague Regards
  4. Have a problem getting lists into alphabetical order. Website shows them in alphabetical order but when we need to amend an entry they are in random order in Wordpress Supsytic Tables. Supsystic have given us info to correct but does not work, have contacted them several times. Anybody out there want to help. Thanks
  5. We have 5 clean unwanted bed pillows, does anyone know a charity etc that will take them. NO guessing please, ie some animal charities will not take them because the animals may rip them and swallow the synthetic fillers. Thanks for any positive replies
  6. Never thought of that, they are having an open day soon as well regards
  7. Yes i know its not on the data base at DVLA probably due to being scrapped but wondered what happened to it in its years before. Thanks anyway
  8. This is a long shot. In 1967 i bought a new SX200 from a dealer on London Road, REG. PWB 38E About 3 years later sold it to a dealer on Empire Road. Never saw or heard of it again, anybody buy it or know any of its history.
  9. The quiver tip is OK its the section below. I have sent Drennan a message through Facebook so will see what happens
  10. Hi Thanks, I have looked at their site previously but did not see any option to purchase spares. Will go on again and contact them, thanks for the reply
  11. I have stupidly damaged the top section of my Drennan Red Range 11' method feeder rod. Have looked around internet but cannot see any places that supply replacements. help wanted please - ta
  12. I found Petplan on onestoppetshop.co.uk but it was listed under horses but they cover allsorts of pets. seemed like good prices and cover so did some more research and found plenty of others who used them.
  13. Thanks gazza c I had a permit until the for sale sign went up and didnt bother renewing it. If you hear anything would appreciate it
  14. Does any one know the crack for fishing in the pond behind the snooker club. It was an annual permit but it appears the pond now has new owners. Any info please as to whether its open to the public on day ticket or yearly permit or not at all. Thanks
  15. Hi Again our website is http://www.beautyisall.com its a general beauty related site for products from amazon, beauty news,video demos etc. We have generated a few Amazon sales over the last couple of months from the UK but am sure most of the website click throughs to Amazon are from abroad. regards K
  16. Hi mailbottle thanks for the reply. Its possible you have been looking at our autograph site which is not the site we were asking about. A colleague and i have set up another site for beauty related products which people can then click through to Amazon to purchase from their store. People are clicking through to Amazon but as they are probably from overseas cannot purchase. We know how to click the flags icon in top right hand corner and fill in the form for different countries but what we cant get our heads around is everytime we post via wordpress do codes needs to be entered in the post or can they be embedded so it happens on every post. Not very tech minded at this end. Thanks
  17. Does anyone have any experience with taking their website to other countries on the Amazon Associates Program? Thanks
  18. Hi a friend of mine has never river fished and have heard that the Rother is accessible behind Treeton Dyke and has decent banks. I would like to take him and show him rigs etc. Is this correct and on what road do you park. Is it day ticket or free and most importantly are there any fishies in that stretch? Thanks
  19. Hi again spankysufc, how do you get onto the pond, i have only seen it from the back of st mary church, where you go down some old stone steps, it brings you out to a field on the left with horses in and you can see the water, further past. ta
  20. Thanks spankysufc, all this info helps problem is i dont know anybody who is or was a member so could be difficult. next year would be no prob. though. The venue is so close it would be really great, save on petrol etc.
  21. Many thanks Hackey Lad, that would be superb, really appreciate it as its almost on the doorstep.
  22. have seen it on google maps and agree it looks like pegs but who does it belong to.?
  23. From Crystal Peaks on West St going towards Beighton, just up the hill past Baize Snooker and before getting to the angled T Junction there is a lake in the dip behind the houses on the left. Worked my way around and came across a notice which said something like, - private land keep out no children thin ice. No contact details on. anybody know who owns it and can it be fished with permission or a permit thanks for any replies.
  24. Hi does anybody know who can photocopy the large archirectural type plans in sheffield or near area. I have some old ones that i would like another copy of thanks
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