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  1. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/breaking-pub-cordoned-off-by-police-in-sheffield-1-8603339
  2. just to point out, they only didn't/don't have a landline due to the car accident, I think this has been taken the wrong way.....
  3. they have no landline or card payment machine at the moment, cash only
  4. we went there yesterday since it has re opened as rodeo joes. I have to say I don't think I will be rushing back. I loved swanky franks but this isn't a patch on what it used to be. the menu was quite small, not many options, prices have gone up but the food quality wasn't as good as it could be. my daughters food was served in a metal food bowl, the kind my nan made pies in. ours came on a plastic tea tray with some kind of grease proof paper on it. my wife ordered a Sothern fried chicken stack that came with chips and potato waffles, the chicken was a bit dry. all in all quite disappointing. its a shame because franks was a great little place tucked a way that delivered every time, unfortunately I don't think we will be rushing back. back to uncle sams it is now.....
  5. contact voluntary action Sheffield, speak with one of the staff there
  6. We picked up our 8 week old whippet pup on Saturday morning. He has settled in to Daily life with my other dog and family far better than we had thought he would do, he's great! Well apart from at night........ Saturday night we got him in the crate when we went to bed and as expected he cried for about an hour then we didn't hear a thing until 4am, not bad that on the first night. Now last night is a different matter, from the moment I left him and went to bed he cried, barked and howled allllllllll night. We got up once to let him out and he went straight out to wee and poo. Back in the crate and it all started agin. He's persistent I'll give him that. Now I've had dogs before and expect it for a while but last night was absolutely non stop. Is there any help or suggestions that anyone can give please
  7. what was the cost? ive checked their website but no prices on there
  8. lets hope nothing else will change, I love this place and the food is great. better than sams and Yankees
  9. I've now replaced the bulb, switch and ceiling fitting and it still doesn't work Any ideas
  10. right ill buy a new swith today and try that then. yeah i switch the whole lot off to make sure lol thanks for your help
  11. no just a normal on off switch. no nothing happens, the other lights upstairs work as normal
  12. my electrics tripped the other night, when i flipped the switch back everything has gone back to normal except the light in one of the rooms, all the others work. ive changed the bulb and checked the switch and fitting and its all wired still. not sure what to do next... could the switch or fitment itself have blown/broken? how would i know which one it could be to replace? any help/advice would be great
  13. Does anyone know what going in the old carpet right building next to homebase on Chesterfield road?
  14. Is there any info anywhere yet as to the new times and changes? I called at the information centre yesterday and they just said they didn't know
  15. its always been there thanks for the help anyway
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