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  1. Tesco Express is to open on Halifax Road in place of the Mace convenience store at the end of Avisford Road. Just what the area needs.
  2. I was actually told the Ecclesfield store would be closing to be become a warehouse for online deliveries.
  3. Sounds like it could be fun but don't want to show myself up. I have only been playing for past 6 months and on average take about 23 darts to checkout on 501 games. Would I look out of place?
  4. What is the standard like at the project darts events? We taking 15-18 darts per leg standard?
  5. I would be up for that and if no teams have vacancies we could set up a Sheffield Forum darts team ;')
  6. Sounds good to me, not sure of the level I am at yet, only been playing 6 months so be good to test myself. Nearest pub to me with a board is the Horse and Jockey on Wadsley Lane
  7. Yes I am the same, live in Bradfield and looking for a team
  8. How much investment do you require and what is the equity offered?
  9. It clearly states on the signs outside of the store Sunday 11am-5pm (opens at 10am for browsing), so stop complaining and read the signs.
  10. The alley was open for more than 10 years so it shows the demand was there, poor mismanagement was maybe to blame for the failure.
  11. Cardiff Bournemouth Carlisle Oxford £10 4 fold pays £87
  12. I had it installed before Xmas with Ignition Broadband, I have never looked back the download speeds are phenomenal compared to my old provider (Sky). At £17.50pm it is also reasonable in price.
  13. I am guessing this was the chip shop site (farnells sp?), no surprise to see both those units next to Dominoes empty now. You would miss them travelling south on the A61.
  14. DOT MOT are the best in my view, they only do MOT's and no repair work so you are assured a fair test.
  15. They have disbanded for now, some members are now pursuing other interests.
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