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  1. Times up to 15th April are here: https://siv.org.uk/files/2018-04/hlc-swim-tt.pdf?67eecf4d7f Although I would seriously recommend against Hillsborough for lane swimming, the pool is boiling hot and at 20m it's really short for proper sessions. Ponds forge or S10 gym at the Sheffield union gym are far better.
  2. Yup - the company I work for makes cutting tools in Sheffield from raw material for the aerospace industry. There's loads of smaller companies too like Lidster Paragon, CR tools, Pen Cutting, Lomas etc.
  3. For basic noodle soups Noodle Inn is a go to - it's not fancy, but their crispy belly pork is brilliant. Large portions, reasonable quality, it's not a date destination but after a long run it's spot on. Pho 68 is good for vietnamese food, if you avoid the greasy fried noodles. They do a very nice chargrilled beef with rice noodles. The Orchid (previously the Siam Inter) is good for Thai food, but I haven't been in a long time. Their Pad Thai is particularly nice, rather delicate compared to some I've had before. I've found Amigos a bit hit and miss for mexican. It's certainly more Tex-Mex than proper Mexican, but worth a try. But by & far the best restaurant down there is Yama Sushi - I bloody love that place. Fantastic sushi and their Ramen soups are spot on.
  4. There is literally zero evidence to support homeopathy beyond placebo effect (which is a strong effect, but no different to sugar pills). The theory is full of inconsistencies, holes and is not supported by any known scientific method. Why should anyone be told to try a treatment that does not work? You can overdose on homeopathy... it's called drowning
  5. The mrs and I regularly take a trip to London Road to eat - some of our favourite restaurants are there. Sheffield's a city of over 500,000 people, there's plenty of business to go round.
  6. If you're looking for active activities - there's free group lessons on Wednesday and Friday at the Climbing Works - bouldering is great fun (free apart from normal entry fee). Also running clubs are fantastic for making friends.
  7. Beeches in Walkely is a great source for this - LOADS of sheffield produce (inc beer, cheese, meat, condiments etc)
  8. Or put a different way, allowing kids to play and enjoy themselves without being judged.
  9. Afternoon all, I'm hoping someone can recommend an activity group for our Border Colly / Standard Poodle cross - I'm thinking agility, speedball etc but anything's considered - I'd love to get him doing something he'll really enjoy We're based in Walkely but have a car so we can travel any resonable distance. Thanks in advance!
  10. According to this BBC article, the home office gets half and the police get half: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-32827790
  11. I prefer to buy pretty much exclusively online with the exception of things like clothes where fit is important and food (although I am sorely tempted by click & collect or home delivery). I absolutely despise the "shopping experience", expecially at temples to consumption like meadowhall, but even the local independent shops have no attraction for me.
  12. I assume you mean a yearly net loss of £600k? If the parent company wants to support it then there's no problem, it's for the company to decide if there's benefit to having that store open. It may be a loss leader, or provide support services that enable greater earnings elsewhere.
  13. I ran Doncaster on Saturday, record attendance on their 4th anniversary - great turnout, cake and smiles - was slightly tempered by a brief memorial at the start for the poor man who lost his life there a year ago.
  14. Every time I see one of Ohmyword's posts it almost suckers me in to almost giving a serious reply... then I check who posted it... Bravo good sir.
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