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  1. Hiya noza. Hope your Mom and Dad are keeping well. Worked with your dad for quite a while, at Wilcock and Hoggs. We always called him the magpie. As everytime he came back from a removal he always had lots of items. We still send each other christmas cards. When I meet up with Michelle your dads name always crops up.. Next time we are in Sheffield we will try and call in and see them both.
  2. My late dad was a driver for SUT in the 50s. I know it was years ago, but I'm sure Ron Levers name rings a bell. My dad's name was Walt Fothergill we lived in Deerlands Ave, Parson Cross then.
  3. I remember Hedley very well. In my class there was a lad called Wilde. When we were in P.E, if we were making a noise, Hedley would shout out loud, WILDE, Wilde would reply yes sir, back would come, "so am I, line up down the middle. Out would come the slipper. No matter where you were in the line it stung. John Brown was in my class big bully. Terry Benson another bully was in the annexe. I started Southey in 57 left Easter 61. In my last year I was the milk monitor. Used to count all the milk. Then put the bottles in the milk trays, ready for the classrooms. ---------- Post added 11-11-2013 at 20:53 ---------- Hey Vanner. Just been reading through some of the posts in here. You say you were upstairs in your last year at Southey. I was also upstairs in 1961, 4B Miss/Mrs Rowleys class. Maybe we were in the same class.
  4. Hi again Bob & Brenda. Yeah there are some good threads on here. Talking of the steel houses I knew Brenda and her family lived in one of them but didn't know which one. I used to live at top of black hill third house on right. Used to have great fun sledging down the hill when it snowed in the winter.
  5. Hiya Bob & Brenda. Funny meeting on here. Small world eh. You used to live down vrom Lindsay shops Bob. Did you Eileen Crookes and Paul Hobson I think he lived on the other side of the road. Went through school with them although Paul went to Firth Park grammer and I went to Southey Green.
  6. Hi Vanner. Yes Len Powell did live on Southey Green Road. His house was about halfway between Southey school and Longley park I think. Don't know wher fred Hird lived. Did you go to Southey Green?
  7. Was name of metal work teacher at Southey Green, Mr Cawthorne seems to ring a bell. ---------- Post added 09-10-2013 at 20:07 ---------- Hiya Bob Jackson. Dont know whether you read any of this. But the thing we have in common is, your wife Brenda and my wife are cousins. My wife is Anita, I am Eddie. We are in Blackpool. Hope you are both well.
  8. Hiya Linda. Your name "Linda Morris" sounds familier Was you in Mrs Rowleys class 4B in 1961. I was in her class left Easter 1961. My name is Edward Fothergill. Sat near the window with Len Powell, Fred Hird, Lawrence Wilde. also in the class was, Jean Godbehere, Margaret Harrison. Eileen Crookes, John Cooper, Gerald Cotton.
  9. Hiya Bob Jackson We might have something in common if your wife is called Brenda. Also do you know Eileen Crookes she used to live just below shops on Lindsay about 3rd or 4th house. We went through our school lives together.
  10. If it's the same person. I knew Gary Andrews. We went to Lindsay School together Used to be big mates. Met him a couple of times. Last time was a few years ago. Met him when we had a caravan in Torksey. He came down one weekend and we bumped into each at the Little London site.
  11. bri bloomer. My late sister Yvonne was born 1939. She went to school with Margaret Redfern. I used to live on Deerlands Ave at top of Holgate (we called it Black Hill ) virtually opposite park gates.
  12. Hi bri bloomer. I lived on Deerlands Ave. My name is Edward Fothergill. Quite sure I knew an Ann Bloomer. I was in Mrs Rowley's class 4B last year at school 1961. Girls in my class were, Jean Godbehere, Margaret Harrison. Marilyn Morris, Hazel Mattock, to name a few. Some of the lads were, Len Powell, Fred Hird, Gerald Cotton, John Brown, Peter Bradshaw. You would have been at Hartley Brook school same time as my late sister Yvonne.
  13. We used to have lots of fun when they had cut the corn. Gathering it all up piling it all up and diving into it. Where in Elm Lane were you Bri Bloomer. One of our friends lived on corner of Elm land and Lindsey Ave, her name was Betty Wells she had a few sisters. did you go to Southey Green School. I was ther 1957-61
  14. It covered the area of the park. Between Deerlands Ave. Linsdsay Road, Buchanan Road and Adlington Road. I was 7yrs old in 1953 and certainly remember it , before it became a park late 50s.
  15. Anyone remember Parson Cross Park in the 50s when it was a massive corn field. Used to have some great fun, with my friends who lived on Deerlands Ave.
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