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  1. It's already been reported to the Environment Agency.
  2. Might depend on the club - tried asking them on facebook / twitter? Although it might just be what the doorman feels like on the night
  3. Towards Charnock: stop CH1 Leopold Street outside All Bar One or TH3 Pinstone Street outside Costa. Towards Lodge Moor: As far as I can see it does still stop at Cathedral at HS5. Before that it's AG11 on Arundel Gate.
  4. Scotland Street. It used to be the Crown many years ago.
  5. Went in there a few times with the lovely old interior, before it was gutted by the last owners and finally closed
  6. I'll be going on Friday, when no doubt it will be rammed. Ho hum
  7. Not city centre or S6 (I don't think there are any in the entire S6 area or the city centre itself), but Parthenonas on London Road is pretty good. There is also Maraki on Abbeydale Road but I've not been in there. There are a lot more Turkish options, including in the city centre.
  8. The Pets and Gardens former pet shop opposite B&M has a planning application in to turn it into a micropub too.
  9. Complete conjecture on my part but maybe TN have the capital to buy it but Stancill don't, and have come to some arrangement re: how the pub will be run.
  10. Heeley. Within walking distance from the ground. You have traditional boozers The Sheaf View, Brothers Arms and White Lion. Then more modern bars Pour and Tramshed.
  11. Hopefully that's untrue, or there will be more security and protesters there than genuine people just wanting to enjoy the event.
  12. Yes. It's like stepping back in time to the late '90s, except free wifi and everyone is looking at their phones.
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