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  1. belperite

    New Ventures in Hillsborough

    The Pets and Gardens former pet shop opposite B&M has a planning application in to turn it into a micropub too.
  2. belperite

    The old Grindstone Crookes

    Complete conjecture on my part but maybe TN have the capital to buy it but Stancill don't, and have come to some arrangement re: how the pub will be run.
  3. belperite

    Pubs for away fans at SUFC

    Heeley. Within walking distance from the ground. You have traditional boozers The Sheaf View, Brothers Arms and White Lion. Then more modern bars Pour and Tramshed.
  4. Hopefully that's untrue, or there will be more security and protesters there than genuine people just wanting to enjoy the event.
  5. belperite

    New Irish Bar for Sheffield.

    Yes. It's like stepping back in time to the late '90s, except free wifi and everyone is looking at their phones.
  6. It looks like that person's house isn't in Sheffield, but their bedroom and garage is
  7. belperite

    A new micropub in Hillsborough

    It's definitely not a craft beer bar. Like I said a few posts back, it's more a wine/gin bar with the word "craft" put into the name. That said, they seem like nice people who run it, and it seems to be doing well, despite the slightly misleading name.
  8. belperite

    The Crow, Scotland Street

    Yes. Went in once just before it shut. Had a nice render of Beer Street on the ceiling.
  9. Indeed. And allow phones with NFC to have the weekly/monthly smart tickets stored on them.
  10. belperite

    A new micropub in Hillsborough

    Real ales available on my visit were Belgian Blue and another one I can't quite remember. Definitely not craft, as compared to places like Bar Stewards, Ecclesall Ale Club etc. It's more of a wine/gin bar than a beer bar IMO. However, they've done a good job with the pub and I wish them well. No idea why Derby Tup is bringing Winn Gardens into this - the pub is much closer to Hillsborough Corner than there and will be getting most of their patrons from the local housing in Hillsborough proper.
  11. belperite

    Cutlery works, neepsend

  12. belperite

    Cutlery works, neepsend

    Filled in the online form and got the following reply from the "Senior Transport Planner":
  13. belperite

    Shakespeare's autumn beer festival

    This looks frankly ridiculous 😍 Yours doesn't look too shabby either 😉
  14. belperite

    A new micropub in Hillsborough

    I would certainly hope it is better than Leg-ends.

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