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  1. Dont saw it, it creates more fine particles than snapping. If it were my problem, I would be getting it down in one piece, wetting then wrapping the whole thing in polythene( you can get polythene dust sheets, for a couple of quid from the likes of b&m, screwfix etc) Then snapping it neatly over a couple of bricks, not smashing it to smithereens. then bagging it as per the instructions. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/guidance/a14.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjvsOfnkKfcAhUBO8AKHViVB6EQFjAJegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw1g4iSw2OcXUIGqTgXBwIbK That pdf is the hse website guide to DIY disposal. , Google is your friend, and hold yer breath!
  2. Nah its traditional.. The thing is its just not as good as Internet, aside from feeling the fibre of the fabric there is little advantage to the consumer to maintain the high street. However the demise of maplin ect is bad for workers, retail is very good at employing older people and paying half decent wages, also good at paying their taxes compare that to amazon's business practice.
  3. But that could also because they were either treasured and therefore well looked after or sold in the millions and survive by luck. You'd need to know how many were made vs survived to determine if they were actually any good. No one mentions all the crap that was produced throughout the ages, its a kind of survivorship bias- the old stuff has lasted well so qed old stuff was better. You can still buy really good quality stuff that's going to last for ages if your willing to pay for it. I've got a sewing machine from the mid 70s. It's not great and it's lasted because no one bothered to bin it. It going to compare very poorly to a modern machine bar the basic functions and its a damn sight better than the old singers, built like tanks and very limited in their application.
  4. But we all know that's a load of codswallop, how low does the tax rate need to be to stop amazon et al looking elsewhere? Oh yeah, it needs to be zero. Preferably negative tbh. The argument for low taxes to attract business is the same as the one for we need to pay huge salaries to attract good talent. It's true up to a point then it's just not, especially when that just leads to massive tax avoidance and highly paid failures. What government, all governments need to do is actually pull rank and bar businesses that simply disrespect their nations and perform backflips to avoid tax. This goes hand in hand with governments actually spending money with some sense.. Same old same ol.
  5. What kind of car/price? Small big fast? Have a look on Hduk they have a lot of lease deal pop up there. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/drive-a-new-citroen-c3-for-one-year-for-16799-per-month-300-documentation-fees-225828-yes-lease-2793969 https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/peugeot-traveller-diesel-estate-20-bluehdi-150-allure-standard-8-seat-5dr-pch-12-18-12774pm-10k-milespa-406446-vehiclesavers-2768007 Also check out lings cars. Don't misjudge because of the insane website and beware the music. But it is genuine and has good and sometimes negotiable prices.. https://www.lingscars.com
  6. Depends how much you value the size of the room as it is now. You can get a staircase that only takes up about a 1sm footprint. If your doing this to regs your going to need a safe exit rout to a downstairs door which means fire doors on your protected route, so either at the top or bottom of your new stairs as well and the room needed for that bit of landing. Also depending what's above your proposed new stairs will make a difference, for example the one I'm doing now the natural place is from the landing but this would mean alterations to the purlins and other associated ball aches, so some of a bedroom is being sacrificed instead approx 2mx800cm.. ---------- Post added 27-11-2016 at 22:37 ---------- Can you post some kind of diagram of layout?
  7. Then your deluding yourself. There's plenty of feckless people, worldwide. Brits are not an exception. For example The stereotype of a hardworking Pole doesn't exist because of some bleeding heart liberal left fantasy. It exists because it's based on a truth, speak to any owner, supervisor or manager of any factory about how many useless and unreliable staff they've had, pence to pounds they'll have very little bad to say about poles. It's not a difficult thing to grasp, often foreign workers are willing and thankful for an opportunity that far to many of our own see as beneath them. Your putting the cart before the horse here.
  8. I agree it can't and shouldn't, but it is replacing a lot of people's access to the 'news'. There's an interesting thing that happens, when people -who so far have unknowingly benefited from journalistic integrity- gain access to online facilities they frequently firstly end up on social media, often as friends relatives have encouraged them to get online for this precise reason. They then appear to not realise the difference and regurgitate a lot of crap as news that bears only a format with actual news. It tapers out when they're a bit less green
  9. 'Not really' in response to what? Not sure what your point is here. no-ones saying those things don't happen. I'm certainly not, I've specifically said they do. I've worked in many many places that have had umpteen numbers of local people let them down, its no wonder that specialisation happens is it? Your point here seems a bit naive, you appear to be blaming foreigners for working in jobs that locals either can't get or won't do. I've seen many people fired from the worlds most simplest jobs, jobs so simple that they can be explained in mime because they can't be arsed to do it properly or they simply are not reliable. Across a lot of nationalities I'll add however the ratio of slackers, or people with too much pride to just get on with the job in hand tended to be definitely lower in foreign workers. I can completely sympathise with the workers who want a job but who're living in the shadow of their feckless countrymen.
  10. Do you understand what/how an (temp) agency works? And the difference between that and headhunting? Aside from when you first create a brand new factory you'd never be looking for that many staff in one go. Your replacing the natural churn of a business, the worse the job the larger/faster the churn. If you needed say 300 workers for a one off job you'd get some interagency action going on to meet that demand. If it were a new factory, jobs would be advertised in the usual manners. The tree your barking up, re cruising for foreigners abroad does happen but it happens because of a demand for workers not being fulfilled by the local pool of available workers. For x,y & z reasons. https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2012/jun/21/job-agencies-prefer-foreign-workers Prime example link, but a bit scandalous in attitude imo.p but roundabout right. It's more often linked to headhunting for specific roles Eg nurses, field workers etc. You've got to understand that some of this is societal in nature, a problem born often from people who have not listened to the ubitiqous advice doled out to every child born in this country. The jobs that no one wants to do because they are beneath them are done by people who don't have that misplaced pride. Then ironically they often go on to vote for the likes of trump who promises to get the jobs back from them. Laughable but not funny really. ---------- Post added 17-11-2016 at 13:09 ---------- Yes exactly, most national agency branches will have at least 200 floating workers on their books. Bigger branches more available. They just ring up there client list till they've filled the quota. If the can't they ring up other branches, still can't fill it? Start palming jobs of to sister/other agencies. The workers would have been coming in to the agency for years to register ONE by ONE... This is pretty common and obvious knowledge btw. ---------- Post added 17-11-2016 at 13:20 ---------- But you can't make the ex pit workers work there. Your not trying to imply some sort of conspiracy to defraud are you?
  11. It's not that the left don't see what the right see, its more that the proposed solution to what the right sees as a problem isn't going to do what they think it is. So please enlighten us what exactly is the problem that trump/fararge is the answer to.. Because it comes across as a regression, an isolationist ideal that appears to be trying to bury it's head in the sand to the fact there's a whole world of people who are jus.. Ah, what's the point..
  12. Balanced how? Informing you on what? The bbc probably actually puts out more content than you can take in if your not digesting it all, and your not, then how can you say it's not balanced?
  13. Ditto, also impressed, keep up the good fight n all that. Prompt too I notice.
  14. The pertinent word there is feature, the bbc will report on those stories they just aren't as high up on the feature list, it's not really much of a chore to find a bbc report on pretty much any subject, but there's only so much time and so much audience. It's not a surprise either to find there's some kind of bias to reporting esp when your audience, your supporters, and your masters are all just as human as yourself. You have to cater to your fans even if you don't have to be a supplicant to advertisers whims. Which way is your bbc news feed orientated? basic British front page headlines, http://feeds.bbci.co.uk/news/rss.xml?edition=uk Rest of world headlines, http://feeds.bbci.co.uk/news/rss.xml?edition=int Would you rather have fox News?
  15. Quoted for truth, that's what I was trying to convey you said it much more eloquently. Unfortunately the irony of voting for people who benefit from the very thing that they claim they're going to overturn is lost on a lot of people.
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