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  1. A chap once posted on Pistonheads about a roadrage incident that resulted in him being attacked by a man with a hammer. A fractured skull, nerve damage and a having a metal plate inserted into his cheek was the end result due to this minor disagreement. Flashing someone can be construed as being aggressive to the mentally unstable, tool carrying drivers of the road!
  2. Alternatively you can split the 2.4ghz and 5ghz channels in the Homehub's settings. Eradicating the Apple/Homehub compatibility issues but retaining the benefits of the 5ghz band.
  3. This is usually a bad idea as the system that monitors and sets your speed the DLM system will think there's a fault on line and slow down your speed.
  4. Get a fault raised with your service provider and ask the attending engineer to bring your internal wiring up to modern standards. The dropouts you mention could be caused by numerous other factors though. Service providers used to pay Openreach to remove starwiring and upgrade internal wiring as part of a 'managed install' product. The SP's like to save money so have mostly stopped this now, creating all sorts of issues for customer's when they upgrade to Fibre.
  5. If your exchange is Fibre enabled then Openreach have already begun installing new PCP/Fibre Cabinets for Exchange Only Lines. Eckington exchange have had 2x PCP and 2x Fibre DSLAM's installed recently.
  6. I own a Bialetti Moka Pot and a relatively cheap Coffee Machine (non-Pod type). It's difficult to achieve a 'crema' using the Moka, the coffee machine achieves this every time. Even the 'premium' instants cannot match a Moka/Coffee Machine produced coffee for taste and texture.
  7. Lovely car Cyclone, great chassis and that engine is a peach. I have an M135i, wouldn't track it due to the reasons listed. A guy on the owner's forum was on a track day recently when an car overtook in a braking zone, on a none over-taking track day, in the wet, and crashed into and wrote off this guy's 328i track car. Broken ribs and all. I wouldn't risk the Z4M due to the other idiots, whose actions are outside of your control.
  8. Ooh don't tell Justin Smith that, he'll put it down to fact you have two 'X' chromosomes. What car is it sgtkate? The MX-5's could have had some mods (supercharger, weight reduction etc.)
  9. You've got to be careful and choose the right track day though. Avoiding off-peak, cheap deals where no racing and overtaking rules are ignored by the newbies. Most track day organisers make you sign a waiver which state that you are liable for damage to your own car (regardless of fault). Track day insurance is also expensive depending on the value of your car. Wouldn't want to risk it in mine.
  10. The last generation of BMW's were susceptible to this type of theft, appeared on a Watchdog episode if I recall correctly. The current generation is OK as far as I know. Car security companies sell 'OBD locks' to prevent access to the port.
  11. That part of the A57 was a NSL road, not a 60mph road. There are a couple of large signs now in place stating the new speed limit was due to an accident reduction scheme. The 'mad mile' stretch is also now a 50 limit, with the lay-by being a nice place for a speed camera van to be stationed.
  12. Sam Smith won a MOBO in 2014, Sam Smith is whiter than white. It's not exclusive to Black people, but includes artists who have been influenced by music of black origin. No racism here, nothing to see as per usual.
  13. The worst drivers? I find any low powered small car (Honda Jazz, Nissan Micra etc.) driven by the 'older generation' the worst type of drivers. They lack confidence, don't make progress, don't drive to conditions, and pull out of people at junctions. I'd also include the Angry Dad brigade driving their people carriers as sometimes borderline dangerous. They often drive aggressively and way beyond their abilities and the ability of their cars.
  14. Ha ha. The Honda Jazz, also known as the '40MPH Everywhere Car'. 40 in a 70 limit, 40 in a 20 limit.
  15. Have you checked if you have 'Call Divert' activated on your line wrinkly67? Dial #21# from your phone and this will deactivate this feature if it has been applied to your line.
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