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  1. Just curious, but since Wednesday have been in the championship, how many of the teams promoted in that time were receiving parachute payments?
  2. Terrible. Last three times I called no appointments available, despite phoning the second they are supposed to open (and somehow it was engaged and I had to redial several times) gave up in the end and went to the nurse, but I'm still poorly with the original ailment, just have to soldier on.
  3. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me, with an issue that has been raised I bought a house two years ago and all the surveys revealed no issues so I bought the properties, however a month ago a planning officer from Sheffield Council came around to inform me that there is an outstanding case on my property The case is to do with the rear decking, the fencing separating it from my neighbour isn't the correct height. The case was originally raised four years ago, and the person who raised the case had left the neighbouring property before I moved in. I have no objection to installing higher fencing, however I have to go through the full planning procedure which will cost £200 plus whatever cost I will need to find someone who can draft the documentation for me, and its money I simply don't have at the moment, is there any way i can appeal? or I'm I stuck and somehow have to find the funds? Any help gratefully received, thank you
  4. Hi I grew up on Harvey Clough road and have memories of their being what I believe was a cutlery factory about half way down the lower part of Harvey Clough, I Believe it was flattened and houses built on it in the early nineties, I was wondering does anyone have any information about this factory or point in the direction of somewhere that may? Thank You
  5. Hi Looking for advice, I have an Alpha Eco combi Boiler, serviced 2 months ago, however its started to develop an issue where the hot water is taking an age to warm up (its fairly intermittent, varying between 30 seconds to 8 minutes) Watch the boiler display when it is having issues the temperature readout drops and I can see (and hear) the pilot try to start, however it lasts only a second and switches off, it repeats this cycle several times until it eventually comes on fully and the water heats normally. Occasionally I've seen an E96 error on the screen, but this disappears after a few seconds. The pressure meter is showing as slightly high, but not massively so. I live in a small Bungalow, so was wondering if the water flow was too fast for the boiler to accurately cope with? I'm assuming I need to call out a boiler to look at it, if so does anyone have any recommendations (i'm in S8) as I've not had much luck with Tradesmen over the past few years Thank you
  6. Can't understand the moaning on here, its a decent location not far from train/tram/bus depots, 11 quid is good value for entertainment these days, and most of all its something different and a selling point for Sheffield, in what is the fastest growing area in the entertainment sector. As for will people return after one visit, well there are 1000's of classic retro games so if they rotate the games I'm sure people will I popped in for a quick look on saturday, sadly I didn't have time to go in fully, but our lass is treating me for my Birthday I'm really looking forward to it. I hope people go and give it a try, these really are the sort of ventures we should be supporting in Sheffield
  7. First of all, i hope the young lad makes a full and speedy recovery, my thoughts are with him and his family. I live not too far from here and its pretty worrying, no idea what the shooter is capable of, if he is willing to shot someone for a pack of fags and small change
  8. Hi So I've just moved into Meersbrook and as a priority I need to know which is the best Pizza outlet? Any recommendations?
  9. Hi My girlfriend is looking getting her first step on the property ladder, however she is struggling with mortgages, she is getting conflicting information from various sources. I was wondering if any could recommend a good mortgage advisor?
  10. Hi I've done a quick search but can't find any recent threads. For the past few months my Girlfriend has been trying to find a driving instructor for lesson in between the City Centre and Netheredge, and for whatever reason none are available, she has passed her theory test and has had lessons in a previous city, coventry so its not a total newbie. After these months of looking she's getting very (understandably) frustrated, shes been on several waiting list to never be contacted back and is finding it hard to find anyone. Do people believe an intensive course is a good option? (she has found a couple of places willing to do one) its an expensive investment so want to be sure before diving in. Thank you for any help
  11. Hi I'm looking at buying a house and will need a solicitor or licensed conveyancer, does anyone have one they'd recommend? I'd prefer it if they were CQS certified as I get charged less on my mortgage application if they are Thanks for any help
  12. For me the issue is one of trust. We elect a council to behave in the best interests of the electorate, regardless of if that issues is the felling of trees or the closure of a hospital. While I object to the trees being felled, I appreciate there are more pressing issues here in Sheffield, but the council through their actions have shown me that I can't trust them to deal with them in a fair and decent way. This, along with the graves park cottage, the council have absolutely shown they are only interested in serving themselves and care very little for the concerns and opinions of the people who elected them. They've had a free ride in Sheffield for long enough, its time that changed. I've voted Labour all my life, but that finishes now.
  13. I think that might be the Mount Pleasant further up Derbyshire Lane, unles the same happened at the Prince
  14. Thank you for this, I mainly use free weights and resistance machines, the reason I like archer road is that although its a bit worn down, its never over busy at the time I go (4pm) and there are a distinct lack of 'meatheads' who tend to hog the machines and grunt at people who try and use them (i'm told there are more than a few at broadfield which is what puts me off) I'll just have to go and recon a few places at the time i usually go and see which one suits best. As for trampolining place, that fad will las last all of six months, shame they are going to ruin a perfectly serviceable gym to accommodate it ---------- Post added 17-05-2016 at 18:45 ---------- having just been TUPE'd myself i wish them all the best but i think in this case its different as its not a gym thats opening to replace it (other chains had offered apparently but virgin didn't want the competition) its going to be a glorified trampoline place, so not much use for fitness instructors or pool attendants. They were running the place down deliberately waiting for an offer for a none gym company to come in, now it has they've snatched their hand off with no consideration for the staff or the 1000+ members I really hope the one that opens in the Greaves park tennis centre is a good one then i can ditch the money grabbers virgin for good . Another company that I will hope i never have to deal with again
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