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  1. DER Domestic Electric Rental (early 70s). OMG it seems as if it was the dark ages back then.
  2. In our last house we had a fantastic double sided wood burning stove. The make was Hunter Herald. Just google "hunter herald double sided stove" and lots of information, pictures and retailers crop up.
  3. I was at St Josephs primary on Howard Hill and every Friday morning (1968 - 1970) we used to walk down Birkendale to Upperthorpe Baths for our swimming lesson. The teacher was a guy called Mr Britland (or Brickland). Learnt to swim there and also got some life saving certificates too. We had to swim in our pyjamas, pick up a rubber brick from the bottom of the pool in the deep end and then take off our pyjama bottoms, tie knots in the end of the legs, blow them up and use them as flotation aids. Not sure how effective that was!!! Also swam in a few galas there. Happy days. The walk back up the hill afterwards was always much harder than the walk down especially knowing we had a mental arithmetic test waiting for us. lol.
  4. My Dad wrote a very interesting book about the history of St Vincents. He was passionate about the history of the church and was devestated when it closed. He married my Mum there in 1953. He was also President of the CMS for a number of years.
  5. My memories of Walkley: Bob Clarkes open fronted fish shop with the sloping marble slab Gierschicks Bakery (elephants foot cream buns as a treat on a Saturday) Halls Pork Butchers (Chitlings and bag and sheep brains) Gower and Burgins and Jacksons (the two "supermarkets) Mcanallys Fish and chips at the library end of South Rd and Bottomleys Fish and chips at the Howard Hill end. Boots the Chemist (my grandfather was the pharmacist (later was Roys Bistro, then Pepes now Vitos). Laundrette at the bottom of Greenhow Street (now opticians) Walkley Library ( I used to help out in the childrens section from age 10 stamping out books and putting returns away). Mr Binks the Barbers Hartleys Herbalist. Newsagent at the library end of South Rd where I had my first paid job with a paper round. The fruit and veg cart at the top of Carr Road right outside the side entrance to the Rose House. I used to sit in my Grandmother bay window opposite and watch. St Josephs School. Very happy memories of my time there. Walkley Medical Centre. My aunt was receptionist there for years. My grandmother had a dress/drapers shop before I was born on the block where Premier now stands. She sold hats, evening gowns, fur stoles, day dresses etc. The Heavygate Inn where I worked behind the bar. Used to be packed to the rafters every week-end and busy in the week. Now sadly closed. The Bolehills. Spent hours and hours playing and wandering over the Bolehills. Out from dawn until dusk and then home for tea. Had a Secret Society with our den on the Bolehills. Apologies for rambling on but this thread triggered many happy memories.
  6. Correct on all counts Maggie. I have an older brother and a younger sister and Mum was Aunty Ellen. She sadly passed away in 2003 but Dad is still going strong at 85.
  7. I recall happy school days at St Josephs. In fact Maggie I have a great picture of your brother Michael and me taken in the school yard when we were Head Boy and Head Girl in 1969 which I was looking at recently. We used to get the 95 bus home together after school when you lived on Linaker Road. I think you were good friends with my late cousin Bernadette. I was also in the same class as Richard Madin who posted earlier. Going back to the 1930s my mum and her brothers and sister all went to St Josephs. Please pass on my regards to Michael.
  8. Twelvetrees at Upperthorpe Road provide a great selection of mattresses from budget right through to quality top of the range. Great service and quick delivery. 0114 2737805
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