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  1. Charles Clifford, Weston Park Hospital, Hallamshire Hospital, Jessops Wing. So many places where people go who CANT walk or use public transport due to disablement. YOU try and go home on the bus after having chemo or radiotherapy. More parking is needed here...........perhaps permits could be issued with appointment cards ?? It's not rocket science.
  2. Poor Law, begging bowls, workhouses..........why not ?? You really are a divvy aren't you ??????
  3. :loopy: The same old cracked record, for Christ's sake THINK. Our present Government promotes DIVISIVE policies. We then argue amongst ourselves. The rich pay nowhere near enough tax. If they did then a lot of social issues could be addressed intelligently. If the rich don't like it they are free to leave. They still remained in the UK during the high taxation periods in the '60s.
  4. You need to get out more. Stop reading the SUN and THE DAIY FAIL and try to see important issues from other peoples perspectives. We have a party of privilidged Posh Boys in power and all they do is persecute and try to punish the less well off. Why do I care ?? I don't have to worry about this or any other tax or benefit, I'm self sufficient [almost] but the constant attacks on the poor do cause concern amongst THINKING people. Who will they pick on next ?? You perhaps ?? I'm no fan of Milliband or any other 'upper crust' socialist, he's lost the plot. Unemployment is being managed by importing foreign migrant workers, most of them are good hardworking people BUT they add to the problem of finding decent employment. Wages are being held down....but the rich get richer. Its no coincidence. Poverty is being deliberately managed.
  5. The top rate of tax is nowhere near high enough. I started work in 1964, the BOTTOM rate was 36%............we paid it and got services. We built the NHS, the Welfare State, in fact all the things the Torys hate. Torys don't want ordinary Joe Public to enjoy any benefits or rights or a decent job or free healthcare. All they do is bleed people and hand cash back to their rich pals. When the top rate of tax was MUCH higher not many people left our shores, they stayed and worked hard. Labour will not sort out the probem, Milliband is just a Tory in disguise. The high earners must pay more tax............simples.
  6. The inhuman treatment of disabled people dished out by HM Government offices is UN business. The bedroom tax is only part of it. If the UN are asked to investigate and they oblige, findings are published. Cameron hates this............he should hang his head in shame and control his Fascist party. ---------- Post added 12-09-2013 at 22:51 ---------- It doesn't need knuckleheads like yourself posting one line comments. Go and watch BigBrother on TV, it about suits your intellect. ---------- Post added 13-09-2013 at 00:19 ---------- An under-fire UN inspector said she had never faced such an ‘aggressive’ reaction from a government, after a report she wrote was branded an ‘absolute disgrace’ by a senior Tory politician. Former housing minister Grant Shapps has written to the UN, calling for an investigation into special rapporteur Raquel Rolnik for political bias. She presented her preliminary findings yesterday after a two week trip around the UK, recommending the immediate suspension and review of the bedroom tax on human rights grounds. ‘It was the first time a government has been so aggressive,’ she said in an interview with Inside Housing. ‘When I was in the USA, I had a constructive conversation with them accepting some things and arguing with others. They did not react like this.’ Ms Rolnik has also carried out missions to the Maldives, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Algeria, Argentina, Rwanda, Israel/Palestine and Indonesia. Rejecting allegations of bias she said: ‘I didn’t come here to investigate the bedroom tax, I came here as a normal country mission, to assess the situation. ‘I came across the bedroom tax when I was here, but I am an independent investigator. The Torys cant stand the truth...............just what we expected.
  7. I don't personally eat Maccy D's OR watch Jeremy Kyle, Kyle thrives on exploiting the worst examples of society. He is a disgrace. I myself, despite setbacks with health {lung cancer and rheumatoid arthritis] am still in the 'haves' group. Its been hard but I don't despise the less fortunate. I am nearly retired, been semi retired for 5 years and am still OK. Maybe its the fact that I paid into pensions, savings etc. and was self employed for 14 years. I ran my own business. You could say that with my background I should be a Tory, but I am definitely not. I don't know all the answers but I do recognise unfeeling, vindictive people when I see them. That's Cameron and Co. Justice is always hard to attain, but the British Conservative Party don't even understand the concept of justice or fairness. I am not a 'pseudo socialist', I am a socialist and a Christian and always will be. A little more humanity is what capitalism needs.............nothing more.
  8. Another Tory Boy ?? You have taken a slap today..........get over it !! The Torys are 'on the skids', policies must be changed, consideration for the plight of others must be shown..................... As a lifelong student of social history and a general education regarding what is right and what is wrong I know present policies are divisive and inhumane. I make no apologies for insulting Torys, respect has to be earned.
  9. Another Tory Boy. Yes, I am 'alright Jack', but millions ARE NOT. Do you lot 'get off' on other peoples misery ?? Torys are sad people, they are not into creating anything, just depriving the poor beggars who have nothing. Cameron is having the words 'decency' and 'humanity' removed from the Oxford Dictionary. You sad,sad man.
  10. I use very little cash. Debit cards are just fine..........and they are plastic.
  11. I am not affected personally at all by the bedroom tax. I own my own property. When some poor sod living on THE MINIMUM NEEDS ALLOWANCE has some more benefit stopped it takes him below the aforementioned allowance........which I believe is illegal. But Tory thugs are above the law, they love to bully the disadvantaged, it gives then some sort of smug satisfaction. I am not, nor God forbid, will ever be affected by this hateful tax. I am completely independent. I also have decency and empathy towards the less fortunate members of our society....................unlike cretins such as Cameron and IDS. I reckon the UN are right, and if The Court of Human Rights becomes involved then the Tory bullies will finish up with egg on their faces. There are issues to be addressed re the benefits system but starving people is not the answer, contrary to what the Torys think.
  12. Give credit to who ??? A load of charlatans who massage every figure they can play around with ?? All they have done is reduce the number of claimants, NOT create any employment opportunities. I wont defend Balls and Milliband either, they are just Torys under another name. Mr Millibands leadership, I fear, is drawing to an end. Just like this apology for a government.
  13. Maybe HM Govt will disregard all UN advices and rulings and Mr Obama and co will order 'military strikes' to facilitate a 'regime change' ?????? The UN have ruled that many of the changes brought in by Camerons thugs are a violation of human rights. If we refuse to listen and implement changes and continue to allow the Tory Boys to further disadvantage the already disadvantaged then how can Cameron preach human rights to the rest of the world ?? I'm sure the forum 'Tory Boys' will be frothing at the mouth already. ---------- Post added 11-09-2013 at 18:29 ---------- The bedroom tax affects people in all rented property, not just council housing. So does the benefit cap on Housing Benefits.........read up on it. In London a lot of landlords have become very rich by overcharging, hence the cap on benefits.
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