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  1. Thanks River-Pete. I'm not sure I dare start sanding things down, I'd probably knacker it beyond all repair! I guess we'd best take it in and hope it doesn't cost the earth to fix.
  2. Apparently we replaced the battery in Jan 2011, and H has previously tried jump starting the car when the fault occurred but with no luck.
  3. Thanks carpetviper. I've tried jiggling the key before but it didn't seem to work unfortunately. It seems that once it cuts out, nothing restarts it until you see the numbers come back on the clock and odometer (which can take anything from minutes to hours). Once the digital displays come back to life then you can start it straight away again.
  4. Thanks all. I'll double check, but I think the battery is quite new. Also, if it was the battery, would it just automatically come back to life again after a while? Would the other suggestions be hard to check (earth strap, connections and corroded terminals) and, more importantly, expensive to fix? Thanks again!
  5. Hi, hoping someone might be able to help! We have an N reg Volkswagen Polo which seems to be suffering an intermittent problem with the electrics/starting. The car often works fine, however more and more recently it has taken to dying completely when you turn the engine off and won't restart -by dying completely I mean that when you put the key in and turn, nothing happens, the clocks aren't visible, the radio is off, hazard lights won't work. Then, after a period of time ranging from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours, the clock and mileage clock come back on again and you can restart the car (you have to reset the clock and the radio but the mileage clock still shows the correct mileage). Up until today, the problem has only occurred when you stop the car and turn the engine off, but today the car cut out while at a standstill in traffic, leaving me stranded and unable to even put the hazard lights on. Luckily, some kind gents from the car place (Dynamic Autos on Attercliffe Rd- big thank you once again!)across the road where able to push me over to the side of the road, and as they did so, the electrics came back up again, but then died again just a moment later. They had a quick look but could not see anything obvious wrong under the bonnet - one suggested it could be something to do with a relay? Any ideas on what could be wrong? We are supposed to be making a 250 mile trip at the weeked but am a bit worried about doing so now, and we can't really afford to spend a fortune at a garage who may not be able to fix it as its so ittermittent. Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks, will check them out. Any other suggestions so I can compare prices?
  7. Can anyone recommend somewhere in Sheffield (preferably s6) that does a traditional wet shave? Thanks Elle
  8. We're going to get ours from M&S and decorate it with flowers. You can get 3 tiers (I think it feeds about 60) for something like £50.
  9. Vito's on South Road is very nice. Italian, cosy and the food is fantastic IMO.
  10. The pizza hut at crookes always seems to be either short of drivers or short of bases. The last 3 or so times we have called them it has been one of those two problems. It's ages since I have been there, but I used to love Nibbles Pizza's.
  11. Stacey - I think I've changed my profile to allow e-mail - it said I couldn't e-mail you on yours. Can you try again? Brunette - thanks for the recommendation, Elle
  12. Thanks everyone, will look into all your recommendations. Stacey, can you e-mail me details of the packages you offer too? Thanks Elle
  13. You could also see if anyone is looking to get rid of one on freecycle.
  14. Thanks for the replies everyone, will be looking at all the websites! Please, keep them coming! Thanks again, Elle
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