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  1. when trying to turn off my laptop, it came to the "logging off" bit, and is now stuck there. I've tried turning it off and on again, but it just resumes with "logging off" Any ideas? thanks
  2. hello do trains still run on the rail line that runs next to the tram line? If so, where from and where to? just wondered..
  3. are children (aged 15) allowed to go to this beer festival, and watch their parents!?
  4. need some advice. I spilt a bottle of milk in my car a few days ago, and despite scrubbing it on several occasions the smell (which is unpleasant!) lingers on. If any one has any advice on how to deal with it, Iwould be grateful
  5. hello can any one recommend a good solicitor to help with buying a house. If you have any idea of costs also, that would be appreciated many thanks
  6. Am thinking about buying a flat on Regent's Court. Would welcome some views on it..thanks
  7. where can you buy reasonably decent reading glasses without having to have a test? i,ve bought cheap ones before but they look rubbish and fall to bits. thanks
  8. i have a dent in my car door which needs fixing. Any ideas whre the best place to go, and how much it could cost? I live in sheffield 6 thanks
  9. hello I did this course at Rotherham college in the evening. it was quite a bit cheaper than the same course in Sheffield when i did it(2 years ago)
  10. thanks for all the replies. i think i'm going to go for a keyboard, but wondered if i should buy a cheap one to start with. any ideas..thanks again
  11. At the age of 46, I think I'm ready to learn to play a musical instrument. Is there an easy one to play, or any to avoid? And where's the best for lessons, and to buy an instrument? any advice would be appreciated....thanks
  12. hello Nedd someone to give advice and quote about some damp in my walls in my front room. Anybody help. Thanks
  13. I want to paint my metal bath white. Is this something I could do, or is it a job for a specialist: and if so, does any one know one, and how much it costs thanks
  14. hi does anyone know where you can by blinds that fit velux windows? thanks
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