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  1. I'm looking for daycare for my very sweet natured Lhasa Apso. Probably looking at 1 to 2 days per week depending on price. She doesn't need much exersise - but would love to snuggle on a warm lap - and have some company. Can anyone recommend a place near s61?
  2. Speaks volumes. Demand to speak to the head vet (practice owner?) - threaten them with the media! Happy to hear yr dogs having good treatment now, hope she has a speedy recovery
  3. Thanks, I've got a study/snug room downstairs which I was thinking of using for her and the pups, I'm still not fully sold with the idea yet - but I need to get all he information I can to make an informed decision. I'll get a copy of that book, thank you. ---------- Post added 01-09-2013 at 17:10 ---------- I had a beautiful cavy before this one - I would have loved to have bred her, she was so nice natured, unfortunately she had dodgy eyes and a bad ticker - on heart tablets from 18 months - and operation (that didn't work) on her eyes - due to the above I couldn't possibly risk breeding her and passing on the health problems, she was only 8 when she died (heart attack). Thankfully Lily (Lhasa) is in good health.
  4. I understand your concern plan talker - but yes, this is something I have thought about for years - but never committed to doing - and always had my bitches spayed, there was never a 'right time' - Now - the kids have grown up, vets bills are not an issue - my pets health will always be paramount. She is just small for her breed - no health problems, my vet has given her a good check over and the all clear if I do choose to breed. She will be 2 in January - so I need to make a decision for next year - breed or spay. As for finding a home for the pups - obviously I would do home checks for the prospective owners that I don't know I am not in it for the money - I would like to keep my dogs blood line going to keep a pup myself, I'm not going into this blindly - and nor am I ignorant as to what this would involve, however it's not something I know an awful lot about - which is why I'm considering this for next year (I'm still unsure - I'm scared it will harm/change my dog somehow).
  5. I've got a beautiful pedigree Lhasa, she's 100% healthy (regular vet checks) and a fabulous nature. I am considering breeding her - as I would like to keep a pup from her myself. Obviously I would want an appropriate mate - with full pedigree - and I would discuss this in depth with my vet, but has anyone got any advice? I have never bred before (this will be a 1 time thing!) - how would I go about finding the right stud? (Mines small breed - therefore I would want a small breed stud). And advice would be welcomed. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the replays, I got whey-laid Sunday - so never got them took away, I'll have a run down to hillsbrough at the weekend :-)
  7. I have quite a bit of stuff (clothes, flat screen monitor, computer stuff, large mirror etc) for a charity shop - that I would like to get rid of today, does anyone know of a charity shop open on a Sunday - or anyone connected to a charity that could collect?
  8. I need a good groomer (not one that uses drying cages). Really need her done this week (she's looking a bit fluffy now) - can anyone give me a recommendation of one who can 'fit' her in? Thanks
  9. Aha - thank you all - I'm very new to the tablet world, like you have all pointed out - not really a homework tool - but she's got a laptop for that. Now to decide which one - it's all very confusing!
  10. Good question - social networking, games, research, Skype, homework, music, films - the usual stuff 13yr olds are 'in to' I suppose. When she works on her laptop - she transfers work - data via memory pen, how would she do this on ipad?
  11. We've had a look at the Samsung galaxy tab 2 - but she wasn't overly keen - I think it's because it's different to the "I" products (we all have iPhones) - I'm lost as to wether to get her an apple ipad (which she knows and is comfortable with) or go for something more useful - and easier on the pocket!
  12. I'm looking for a tablet for my teenage daughter, I've had mixed reviews about the iPad's and understand they don't have a USB port (is that right?). Your first hand experience of iPads - or recommendations for alternatives would be much apprechiated. Thanks in advance
  13. It took some doing, laptop ready and continuing to redial on the phone - ticket master crashed, but managed to get some after half hour of trying, I just accepted the 1st ones offered! Thanks for the seating info
  14. Hi all Ive managed to get tickets for 1 direction in sheffield 2013 (for my daughter) - but I havent a clue where the seats are situated. Its block A/R - row 36, are these on the floor area? Ive had a look at the floor plan on the website - but theres just 2 whacking blocks listed as seating 'A'. Thanks
  15. I donated my dog crate to Rain Rescue after deciding never to have another pooch - however after fighting against it - Ive gave in - and will be picking my pup up tomorrow, however - I need a crate! Ideally medium sized - please pm or reply to the thread if you have one for sale. If I dont get any joy - I'll be buying one on saturday Thank you
  16. Thanks for all yr suggestions. Both previous dogs have passed away, pepe (mongrel) lived to 15, unfortunatly penny (latest) had a heart attack at 8 yrs, but she was never a 'healthy' dog and was on medication from the age of 2 (king Charles), she's been gone 2 yrs now. We have come to a family decision - Lily :-) KC name is still Princess Penelope Again, thanks for all yr help, this kennel club malarki is so complicated!
  17. Thanks hounds The breeder is only registering the pups if the new owners want the registration - for an additional charge to cover, out of 6 pups, 5 have been chosen and 4 (incl me) want registering - so she's waiting till next week and registering them all together
  18. The 'breeder' has only mated the bitch once - and doesn't plan to breed from her again - she doesn't show her dog either, she's a family pet. The breeders letting me choose my own KC name. This is all very new to me, I've never bothered registering before
  19. Fab ideas elizibeth thanks Penelope is in memory of my last 2 dogs - pepe and penny Apparently her daily name doesn't have to have any conection with her KC name This is all new to me!
  20. I was thinking KC = Princess Penelope something-or-other? as for her daily name - we can not agree!
  21. My friend got a king charles called saffron - I did think of stealing it! the name - not the dog
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