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  1. shes still alive and kicking and singing i work on high street and hear her as far as the top of fargate now as she now carries an amplefier round in a bag with her head fones and microphone,I see or hear her almost everyday and if its wet or cold weather she usually goes into the natwest bank to keep all the customers entertained :-)
  2. ive just booked for 4 nights in august for a break for me and my son at lindenthorpe guest house its 2 mins from the train station and its only cost me £136 for both of us :-) cheapest i found the tel number is 01472313005 and the landlady is called sandra
  3. apparently in the news of the world it stated he had been done for assault on two of his children to his first partner ,the ex that he shot was advised by social services that she had to end the relationship with him or risk having their young daughter taken away from her and go into hiding on his release cos everyone knew how dangerous he was ,so why on earth did the police and social services fail to find the young woman a safer place rather than the next door neighbour to her mother ? He had also threatened her and her grandmother with a gun to them years earlier ?
  4. 3 bedroomed corner house massive garden nicer road on woodthorpe estate very close to a good school and shops also reliable bus route , wanted 3 bedroomed house on intake,hackenthorpe or woodhouse pm me for more details if required
  5. i bought all my xmas cards the first week in january in the sales all were 4 for £1 no matter what the price tag said so spent about £8 on £45s worth of cards ....god knows where i put them though
  6. hi everybody who left waltheof in these years just to inform you all we are arranging a reunion for late october 08 everyone is welcome to attend and i will be keeping you posted on here and also on face book where you can join the group ,we all ready have 18 ppl on there so why not get on there and see if any of your old mates are on ? if anyone wants to send me a message regarding this they can on here ,facebook or e mail me at allibongo69@hotmail.co.uk, look forwards to hearing from you all and meeting you all again at the reunion best wishes Allison Sanders year 1982,83 and 84 leavers
  7. Morning everyone !! wonder if anyone has recently flown from east midlands airport and can update me on the smoking policy there ? ive been told that once you get into the departures lounge that there is an outside space where you can smoke ? i travelled in december 07 and there wasnt then? Id appriciate any sensible answers thanks
  8. awww bless , my daughter had a sweep when she was having her daughter in january 07 ,she was due on boxing day 2006 and had the sweep about a week later her baby arrived 2 days after the sweep was done,so good luck and i hope all goes well for you :-)
  9. morning everyone ! is there anyone out there who watched the lottery draw last night (sat 3rd may) ? if so can anyone tell me where no 15 was in the draw i need it to win a bingo lottery im in and no one seems to have watched it ? thanx
  10. can anyone give me a quote for a taxi or mini bus to east midlands airport for 1 adult and 2 children aged 15 and 10 ,will be travelling 27th sept till 4th october i know its early but im a single parent and need to know how much overtime to put in at work
  11. is it a private house or rented from the council? if its the council i would ring them and tell them the cost of a new bt box being as its them thats removed it
  12. think everywhere is much the same these days where ever you go theres always a gang of hoodies stood on some street corner ..frechville used to be a nice area to live in but its many years since i lived close to it (intake) why not pop into a local shop and enquire or knock on a neighbouring house and ask them im sure they wont mind plus im sure theyd like to know who theyll be living next door too ... hope ive been a bit of help ? Merry Xmas
  13. good morning everyone can anyone help me im wanting to buy my partner a mobile fone for xmas ,the thing is hes on t mobile im on vodafone and would benefit if i got him a vodafone phone as it would work out cheaper with the tarriffs etc but can anyone tell me if he would be able to keep his t mobile phone number and if so who to contact vodafone or t mobile ??? thanks
  14. isnt there any work collegues who could swap a few of thier hours round to suit them and you ? i work for a company and our line manager has no problem with us doing this so long as all the shifts are covered
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