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  1. They are not sufferingNo the animals where not they where loved by the people at the sanctuary and the volunteers also 100% loved
  2. Her work Speaks for itself years of it love compassion and dedication
  3. Today I have some very sad news regarding millhouses animal sanctuary, the owner was today sabotaged by the RSPCA. The owner is devastated and distraught. The owner has dedicated her life to saving animals and adopting them to happy families. She has worked tirelessly with love and passion to protect vulnerable animals for decades. Today two aggressive members of the RSPCA have seized all the animals without warning or police consultation, vets or police present. to everyone who has benefited from the sanctuary please provide support. I myself will protest outside the RSPCA Sheffield animal sanctuary tomorrow. Time is running out for some of the animals in the shelter. I want the animals returned to where they belong before some of them get put down and I beg for your support. More details, can be found on the millhouses sanctuary Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/animalsheltersheffield/?hc_ref=ARQYZwCjqQAtNwYA1LcgfcKRwSJ3vHe5CElxapwkqfuo6D4DT2S6K8tMja_M8H8ToYs&fref=nf&__tn__=kC-R
  4. Michelle from Edge Cutters in now at Mr Toffs barbers at Broomhill
  5. in my life iv'e told a few white lie's to my wife as friends as you do, now as i look in the mirror my nose and ears have got bigger so could the story of pinnocio be true ??????
  6. went for a hair cut at edge cutters barbers at nether edge i saw a banner above oxfam which said ;god is in the hood ; shop was shut i was faced with god in the hood mysterious , will god tell me if there open on tuesday because i need a good haircut!
  7. god is in nether edge above oxfam so the banner says
  8. any one know if edge cutter at nether edge the barbers is open on this tuesday ?????? thanks
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