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  1. 4 days and counting...don't forget when doing your 'BIG SHOP' tonight or tomorrow afternoon make sure you get your ingredients, fillings, toppings etc.
  2. 5ft 8" Size 7 Nowt abnormal about that...but it cost me a fortune to buy shoes for my five feet. And finding clothes to fit my 8" waist is a nightmare.
  3. Sanity is turning on the washing machine to cook a chicken and opening the oven to put your washing in.
  4. Tenby - In a pale blue VW camper van, (early 80's) the roof opened and my sister and I slept in the bunk beds. It was pure joy!
  5. I went onto Microsoft word on-line and there are some really good templates on there which you copy and paste then alter to what ever you want to write.
  6. Go, it's a beautiful place to visit, you won't get many chances in life to visit such places, but hundreds of opportunity's to see you friends.
  7. Can we all come to yours for dinner then, i'll wash up!
  8. 1.my great grandma 2.my great grandad 3.my great great grandma 4.my great great grandad 5.my great great great grandma i just thought it would be cool to meet my ancestors
  9. http://www.sortoutyourgarden.com/cgi/ss000001.pl?SS=sledge&PR=-1&TB=A&SHOP= found this...looks quite good
  10. How do you all get to meet, do you have Forum nights out then?
  11. Good I hope they do let him out, it will give people a chance to stone him to death......sorry that was a bit harsh.
  12. I can't understand why anyone would want to worship or be involved with anything that insinuates evil full stop. They need to have a serious chat with with a proffessional pyscologist.
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