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  1. Bradbury's building has been pulled down. I am researching it and was shocked when I went there.
  2. Resurrecting this. Does anyone have any photographs? I noticed that there was an anniversary mug for sale on Ebay from Bradbury's centenary in 1980.
  3. Hi, does anyone know Chris Walton or is he on this board? He would be about 60 now and he married someone called Ann James about 30-odd years ago. She was a bit younger than him, she will be about 56-57 now, was a rather tall striking looking girl with dark hair. They both worked at Rothervale Joinery. Originally from Eckington, he latterly lived in Killamarsh. I wish to talk to him about some historical information. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone remember a character called Taffy Roberts from Swift Levick in the late 70s or early 80s?? Thanks
  5. Old Tup - my uncle is known as that! He writes quite a lot of poetry!
  6. Where are these running and on what days please?
  7. I did put a post up for you on the Memory Lane but no reply as yet.
  8. http://www.stradbroke.sheffield.sch.uk/ You could try the school above to see if they have any records. https://www.facebook.com/groups/sheffield.memorys/ Or post on Sheffield Down Memory Lane on Facebook?
  9. Or know what he is doing now or where he is?
  10. I went to see her about 5 years ago and absolutely nothing she said came true, and she got some things way off beam. For a start, both my parents are dead (since 1994) and she said I was worn out looking after my dad. She told me I would meet some rich bloke and go and live in France or somewhere similar by the sea, and that I would be bought an expensive car. I am still in Sheffield, my partner was made redundant and I am driving my T registration Ford to this day. She correctly said that I was a teacher and I don't know how she got that right, and she knew I had cats - but I could have been covered in cat hairs! However, she was very nice!
  11. My friend and her husband went last week and said it was full of chavs !!!
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