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  1. Police on penrith rd near bottom of Herries rd taped off near genel anyone heard anything
  2. the council make me laugh they send a leaflet around called intouch asking if there,s anything can be done to improve areas yea keep the grass cut
  3. i recommend a lady called becky we have a shihztu and she did a brilliant job,anyone wants her number let me know.
  4. we have lived here for the past 16 years never had any trouble neighbours all keep themselves to themselves so no complaints.
  5. no not when people that are born here with cancer etc are refused treatment because of lack of funds and have to raise the money themselves
  6. when you go abroad there,s no such thing as a translator we have to get by and make them understand us, there are many leaflets here and imformation in many different languages but they still dont understand or they dont want too. i have plenty of evidence when im out and about end of story:rant:
  7. if we went to there country there would be no help we would have to cope,i am sick of hearing about all these people costing this country lots of money that we havnt got. ---------- Post added 13-04-2013 at 14:46 ---------- most of them are not tax payers there scroungers
  8. when i heard this it really upset me i keep thinking about that poor dog i hope this evil scum gets what they deserve someone must have seen something
  9. :rant:it,s not a case of being tight it sells good quality food a lot of the time better than morrisons etc all you that knock it should try it.
  10. my neighbours dog went missing last week on lindsay rd
  11. When they knocked all those properties down about five years ago what was the point in that they never rebult any more houses why should people that have spent lots of money over the years to make themselves comfortable because believe me council properties are never in a fit state when you first get one be made to move out at the end of the day you have to live in it some peolple can live in a dump i choose not too what difference does it make home is were the heart is.
  12. can anyone recommend a good touring caravan site in skegness. thanks:help:
  13. I have kidney failure and am on haemodialysis what does the average dr know about my condition,thats why we have nephrologists same with lots of other conditions. jules:rant:
  14. lived here 16 years never had any trouble there,s good and bad in most areas these days,i get fed up with people rubbishing certain areas.
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