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  1. The condemnation from the uniteditits never really materialized did it. I find that really sad.
  2. I fully expect the unitedits will be along soon to condemn this absolute monster.
  3. Yeah, I think it’s for the best. I hear the tickets at t’lane are reasonable. The actual cost per goal scored is fantastic value for money.😀😀😀
  4. Think you’ve done that joke once. What about you? Are you taking Sibon?😂😂😂
  5. You lot need to think yourselves lucky, people like me have to buy 2 season tickets.
  6. Takes the ball as clean as a whistle there. Not even touching the player. Great tackle. Boggle then sees the leg, wonders where the balls gone and decides to do a somersault. Ref and VAR get that spot on.
  7. To say refereeing standards are low is one thing, to say the refs are bent is just rubbish. You’ve all zoomed in on one moment of the game to try and justify a performance that was poor. If we want to eradicate cheating in the penalty area, try starting with the players, not the refs. Might even make the refs jobs easier. Constantly having to decide if they’re having the wool pulled over their eyes or not.
  8. Lost 0-2 did they? I’ve been watching wives with knives all night.
  9. Thanks but I’ll give it a miss. Really wanted to watch it but I’m not desperate.
  10. I don’t have that but thanks anyway.
  11. Grrrrrr…….. was so looking forward to this but just found out it’s not on Sky, or is it. Thought united might get something but just seen the Liverpool line up and changed my mind. Incoming walloping I reckon. Just have to wait for the highlights I suppose.😂😂😂
  12. Watch out, Beadells about. Fully expect him to be at t’lane toneet for greasy chip butty and seeing if they have any talent worthy of coming to us. Don’t bother Kevin, we tend not to do that.👀🤭😂 And they won’t have any anyway.
  13. Looking forward to this game later today. 14/1 for a home win, anyone fancy a dabble? Thought not. That’s with Will Hill should anyone be interested got to be worth a fiver hasn’t it? You never know, new manager bounce, ok, not strictly a new one. I can see Tufty pulling this off you know.
  14. Message to Agent Hecky!!! Message to Agent Hecky!!! You have been compromised. Make your way to the safe house and we’ll bring you home. Repeat, abort mission Agent Hecky!!! Make your way to the safe house and we’ll bring you in. Mission accomplished Agent Hecky. Wilders coming back as per the plan. DC sends regards.
  15. Just been reading in The Star that HRH Prince Poundland him of the deep pockets reckons Chrissy is now a better manager than when he was last at t’lane due to his failing at subsequent clubs. Not sure how that works though. He should also be credited with having a hand in last seasons promotion. Bet Hecky is made up when he reads that.
  16. Wonder if he’ll be bringing that Alan Kinell in as his number 2? 😂😂😂
  17. Fear not Mr B, I have a feeling that we are truly on our way now. UTO
  18. It might be best to raise your own thread for this news boys. We’ll just use this for ………the Bantz 😂😂😂
  19. Back today is your very own Chrissy Vilder.😂😂😂 The gift strikes again.
  20. Spot on KP again. Becky gone today and Tufty AKA Wilder will be announced.
  21. Thanks for the reply KP, I’m honoured. Keep up the great work.
  22. Fair play KP. The poster that single handedly breathes life back into a dying forum. we salute you. Keep it up, don’t mind the haters, haters gonna hate.✌️
  23. Is monkes still trapped ont Snake Pass. Seems that loads of people wait his match report.
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