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  1. Hi plaintalker NOT ALL men are the same, you are unfortunately one of the unlucky ones. I feel sorry for you... I met my girl in 2002 she is now my wife and we are even more in love nowas we were when we first met. She too had been married 3times to blokes who tret her badly, oe was even violent to her. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. Hope your new guy treats you really well as you sound like you really deserve a good bloke in your life. Best of luck jauntyone
  2. I use First Maineline and Yorshire terrier and I find there are good and bad drivers on both companies, same as there are good and bad passengers as well........
  3. Hi Saxonleigh You can get hendersons relish in asda the one near the dome and the one at carcroft. I know because I get it there.... hope it helps cheers jauntyone
  4. Hi Dianaa I remember a guy who went in there by the name of Glen. He used to be a carpet fitter at a shop I worked at. He lives just up the road fron the Broady.
  5. hi phailig thanks for replying, to the question about dave o addy, and letting me know about buggsy. it is well appreciated. cheers matey jauntyone
  6. I knew a Janet Furniss who went to Meersbrook School on Derbyshire Lane around 1956 ish, is this the same one?????
  7. Hi all you Heeley people I lived at Heeley until around 1962. Can anyone remember the Church on Chesterfield Road opposite the coal yard and Greshams timber Yard. I used to be in the Cubs/Scouts there, we new as the old tin chapple. I wonder if there is anyone out there who was in the scouts around 1959 to 1960, if I have my dates correct..........
  8. Hi There I was looking at threads about Parkhead, I used to work in a pub up that way called The Wheatsheaf. It was run by a guy called Tony. I just wondered if the pub was still there and the cricket pitch at the side of it??? cheers jauntyone
  9. Hi Deancahill If its all you want Hendersons relish then I will send you some down. I had the unfortunate time when I lived for a while in Dorset and could'nt get my hendersons, so I no your problem. Send me a pm if you want any hendersons sending.
  10. Hi Riffraff I Can remember that Dave O'brien got married to Val, then he went to Austrailia to work. I don't know if he ever returned to the UK. Would be nice to know, especially if I could contact him as we were really good mates. I still have a photo of Dave and myself which was taken in a night club we used to frequent many moons ago... cheers for info riffraff
  11. hi phailig thanks for buggies other name, being trying to remember it for ages. do you know if he's still living on lowedges??? I seem to remember some of the names of people who went in the maggie, but its that long ago can't recolect faces. cheers matey for info
  12. Hi phailig Yep I remember Jim Ogden and Alan, used to knock around with Jimmy O. As you said,Jimmy was a good bloke but Alan so different. I remember Bob Wragg, we used to call him Bert. Haggis, Well I knew him but never trusted him, just something about him. We used to all meet up in the Maggie on a Sunday evening, from there we used to go to the Norton and quite often on to the Greyhound in Dronfield. We also used to go to Coal Aston, cross Daggers, and a few other pubs there. Do you remember Buggsie, (Graham) can't for life ofme think of his surname. There was also az, Dave Ladler, Phil Howard, & Geoff Bruce. Dave O'Brian was also a very good friend of mine,I used to work with him at a place called Stephenson Blakes. I knew his girl friend, Val, now his wife,such a lovely girl. Dave also had a brother called, Pat. Cant'nt think of anymore. Cheers for the info jauntyone.
  13. Thanks once again riffraff for your info, cheers matey
  14. Thanks Hagar for the info on Chris Morton, will have to check him out one day. He was a reallygood friend, we joined the TA along with Phill Howard, Geoff Bruce, such happy days. Cheers Mate
  15. Hi Riffraff Thanks for the reply to my thread about Dave O'Brien. It would be the same one, he also had a brother called Pat. The last I hered of him was back in the 70's when he decided to go and work in Austrailia, just after marrying a gairl called Val. I just wondeered if you knew where he was know. I also remember a guy who hung around with us in the magpie called, Chris Morton....... Cheers matey
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