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  1. yeah they do.. put 'sheffield pole dancing lessons' or similar into google and it comes up with loads.. i searched a while ago and found that they do (or did) them in a number of locations, including corporation! is quite pricey though try this one: http://www.mypoledanceschool.co.uk/locations.html
  2. Amanda Holland dance school.. at gleadless.. does tap for beginners and more advanced on a tuesday night. am sure she would welcome anyone else who wants to join us.. reali friendly group n relatively smaller class than others..
  3. can never understand why teenage girls decide to do that.. fair enough, can probably get more money from benefits than a crap job but i dont think it is really an 'easy' option.. i think more focus on how difficult it actually is to have kids, especially when very young would be appropriate.. its alright telling everyone how to stop a baby being made, but when girls only see the up sides of being a parent, there isnt much to stop them making em!
  4. ive got one the size of a young babies foot.. (actually.. it is a print of a babies foot..) it cost me 70 quid and to say its pretty simple and only took about half an hour.. i think that was perhaps quite a lot
  5. ooo... anyone wanna think of one for me too ?? but sorry.. no idea what you should chance yours too X
  6. loobyloo just reminded me... for some stupid reason sainsburys are trying to be more like tesco now so expect it to go even more downhill
  7. no mention of the fantastic staff in sainsburys then? am sure you all miss the fantastic, friendly and bloody gorgeous meadowhall sainsburys staff?? X
  8. yes.. lots of times.. it never really bothers me any more.. however i do remeber it bothering me a lot when i was like 14 in kingdom and lots of midthirtiesish asian blokes were repeatedly coming over to us when we were dancing and randomly groping... not appreciated at all
  9. im sure that last time i checked geckos needed heat mats... the guy in the shop even sells em in his starter packs so no idea how they woulnt need em
  10. cant beat padley gorge - fox house for a paddle in a stream
  11. dont think there are any in sheffield but there is (or was) a nice open air swimming pool at erm.. hathersidge i think.. am sure there was paddling at bakewell too
  12. not been in there for food.. went a couple of times for drinks from college, good place to go when had to take small child along with us (though dont think would have taken her in if it hadnt have been empty.. a little smoky in there when its busy (i.e. college is done for the day)
  13. i dont know why people think sainsburys is more expensive and snobby.. they check most of their prices agaist tesco now apparently. ...however, although i prefer to shop at sainsburys, the one at crystal peaks is also the one i hate most.. simply cause i work there
  14. depends on why they split and if there are feelings still on either or both sides.. have you never split up with someone that you still liked?
  15. i think so yes.. perhaps its knowing that he/she has felt something for that person in the past and possibly been with them in a more intimate way.. there is that lieelt bit of your mind that thinks that if something was there between them before then could it happen again.. or maybe, it may be the idea that they have shared so much between them and you are jelous that he shared this with her and not with you, even though you may not even have been on the scene then and you dont know her.... if that makes the slightest bit of sense? X
  16. perhaps if women over a size 16 cant buy clothes to fit in many places they may be encoraged to loose weight... *cowers in the corner*
  17. i dont think he would be up for that tbh.. i mentioned it last night and i just got a grunt n then silence... i still wanna do it though.. but would second the above question about the stretch mark thing
  18. shops tend to make most clothes in the size that they sell most in yes? i cant explain why they dont make them smaller but as many clothes shops only sell the one size lengthways, whatever this size is.. they tend not to sell many far from this.. and the further away from their 'regular' length you go, the fewer the items there are...
  19. im sure everyone (or nearly everyone) is nervous at first.. just make sure that you find an instructor that you feel comfortable with (know its difficult when you only get to speak to them on the phone or not even that) and just mention to them that you are a little nervous.. ..i was nervous though and hve had two different teachers who both tried to combat it in very different ways.. the first just pushed me to get over it, the second tried to take it slowly to gently get me used to it.. mistake i made was not tellin the second one when what he was doing wasnt helping, as soon as he knew i needed to be pushed on a bit i was sorted and passed ma test.. find someone who is gonna teach ya how u wanna be taught
  20. although i wouldnt usually say im into ginger lads.. there are a few which have caught my attention aint always a turn off
  21. argh.. i think i pressed the wrong one.. i like guys with dark hair, didnt mean to vote for blonde
  22. fair enough... cant be arsed to argue it.. im obviously not gonna be right here no matter what i say.. however to explain what i mean.. i cant see that there are many women who are like 4'3 which is the point that i was trying to get across.. there are just a large number around 5ft i think.. there are however women over 6ft.. who also need to get clothes.. imo the answer would be a bigger range of petite clothing.. perhaps not though, perhaps we should just make clothes shorter and there would then be even less clothes for tall women. it is also possible to make clothes that are too long shorter.. it doesnt work the other way
  23. but they already have an extra long.... suggest they have extra-extra long? wouldnt it just be easier for the people who at the moment although are 'average' height to buy petite or something than to totally change all the sizes... there arent many women a lot shorter than 5'3 i dont think.. but they go up to like a foot taller?
  24. again... if clothing 'average' was aimed at people 5'3.. then wouldnt tall be 5.6ish and where does that leave people taller?
  25. dont they do petite for people who are like 5'3 though? if they did regular aimed at people who are 5'3ish and tall would therefore presumably be aimed at those 5'6-5'7ish.. where would the girls come who are 5'8 and above... its hard enough to find clothing that fits about a 34" leg.. without the average being so much lower
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