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  1. tumble tots is great at killamarsh for active little uns.. the do gymnastics for pretty much all ages from 18months i think at graves leisure center.. think the classes there are only starting in december though. amanda holland school of dance is local and good
  2. nope.. we have only a ball of blutack to play with at work!! no chance of managing to get on the net lol.
  3. okay so as they were trying to order food.. can you learn enough to order food etc. for every country that you go to? i mean.. u just said that u only learn hello etc.. so how would u order food without expecting the locals to speak english???
  4. try a piercing or tattoo shop, such as feline.. migyt cost ya a bit more but should be done properly theen. if not, claires or hairdressers even
  5. 1. You shall have no other Gods but me. n/a 2. You shall not make for yourself any idol, nor bow down to it or worship it. n/a 3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God. gotta admit to doing this Waaaaay too much, although i do try to respect that one around my gran and any other religious people. 4. You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy. if only! i work 2 shifts in a pub, dont suppose thats classed as very holy! dont even get a day off! 5. Respect your father and mother. i have every respect for one of em.. but after finding out a little more about the others behaviour over the last few years it becomes rather hard to continue to respect them.. respecting M&D may not be the best thing for all children and adults, a child with respect for parents who are abusing them will not get help surely. 6. You must not kill. i agree with this one and think it is still applicable to modern life, however, what about all these people who agree not killing is right but then go and munch on a beefburger? 7. You must not commit adultery. cant comment on that one as im not married and not sure its still classeed as adultery if not 8. You must not steal. instead i should see my family starve?? i think not. (if it came to it) 9. You must not give false evidence against your neighbour. this one i agree with, i think 10. You must not be envious of your neighbour's goods. You shall not be envious of his house nor his wife, nor anything that belongs to your neighbour if there is anyone alive who is not in the slightest bit envious of someone else, then i would be very surprised. especially in the modern consumer driven world in which we live.
  6. I started doing it at college 2 years ago, absolutely loved it and have always wanted to go on to do it at uni. my bit of advice would be not to do it at Norton college though as the psychology tutors there are well.. interesting, and not in a good way!
  7. Cant believe anyone really admits to being emo! emo is tenagerish for clone. http://emosong.ytmnd.com/ - this site has the song that explains it all!
  8. heh i doubt it green g, as far as i've been told they wouldnt even let ann summers have a shop there as apparently its a 'family' shopping center
  9. haha, yeah thems the ones! sorta makes me regret having mine on ma back though cause although its on one side and not the usual thing.. its still there!
  10. dont regret mine.. yet! my little girls footprint on ma back. dont like the little cartoon caracters and starting to dislike the tribals n stuff tht lasses have on the bottom of their backs.. not cause they r bad but cause they are way too common now!
  11. o yeah, dont know if ya already do it but although difficult to keep up sometimes a consistant nightime routine of bath, book, milk then bed or something is a big help.. winds them down and lets them know when its time to bed X
  12. yea it works.. have had to do it a few times as she soon get outta the habit of sleeping alone if i let it slip for like one night! they say that it may take up to a week so dont panic after a couple of days. how old is your baby? the HV said when i first tried it when she was about 4-5months not to leave too long between going in and out as it will be distressing for them.. though when older can leave longer + longer etc. i didnt actually do it when she was tiny as couldnt stand the crying but leaving ma top or when she was breastfeeding a blanket with a little bit of breastmilk on it seemed to settle her a bit easier. good luck with it anyways! sorry if that aint too helpful! XX
  13. someone said that on the plans in peaks it says it will be next.. but have heard a range of things from HMV to Primark!! i worked there and still have no idea!!
  14. some pubs will take 15yr olds as glass collectors (although i dont think they should). I started work at Sainsburys at 15 - although i dont think they still do that its worth a try there and other supermarkets perhaps?
  15. ick ick ick ick ick.. i love piercings n stuff but, extremely chavvy on the wrong person. looks like a bit of food or a bogey in the wrong place! but if ya do decide to do it.. head down to feline
  16. i would love to try it and always have done, but wouldnt without either knowing a hell of a lot about it first or making sure that there was someone else there who knew what they are doing. for this reason guessing that i never will.
  17. wouldnt know where to start thinking of reasons for all of mine... got a big one on down the front of my leg though that i did when i was like 5, playing with a springy exercise machine on my grans garden.. they made a rite bad job of fastening it together at the hospital so its still over a cm wide and a couple of inches long
  18. i think it does depend on the child as to which colour though.. my cousin has green glasses as he is dyslexic and a friend of mine has purple.. they do an overlay test at specsavers etc. to see what colour it is easiest to read through, im supposed to have gone for one as i struggle to read black on white... costs about £15 i think.. know its supposed to help with reading, perhaps will with writing too
  19. thinking slightly more of the people who dont wanna quit etc.. i think its a little unfair to suggest no smoking in a club, as ya cant exactly go in and out whenever you please as you can in a pub... perhaps just having one room ya can smoke in or summat.. i dunno... i asked someone at work the other day (could have been the landlord..) and they rekkoned sometime next summer.. june/julyish i think he said.. dunno if that is a guess or what though... but when there is a date im sure we will be counting down to it (emptying ashtrays... YUCK!)
  20. im 18 so a slightly older teenager i guess.... welcome to the mad house *star*
  21. cant wait for there to be a ban in pubs.. not so sure bout the clubs though, not so easy for people to go outside
  22. i think they are okay for places such as the ones stated above by alchresearch.. wouldnt dream of using one in the city though.. but for tht matter, i wouldnt b on a bike in the city..
  23. ive done that.. water damage = insurance on phone not usually vaild and not repairable.. however.. some insurance things do cover it.. have a look at your home insurance too
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