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  1. thanks everyone, if you could find out NEKRO138 that would be great... i'm not sure if i'd venture into dragon tattoos again tho, even if thats the only place that does it! lol.
  2. hey, we were talking in the pub the other day about the ultra violet glowing ink that has been used by some studios in the past to create tattoos that glow in black light. the place that one of the guys had his done was at the time only doing it as a trial and he didnt know if they carried on using it afterwards. someone has also asked at feline and they say that they dont use it. does anyone have any info on the tattoos, or where anyone could get them done. thanks
  3. I'm 19... dont seem long since we last had a post like this!! probably will be aaaages ago tho!
  4. If you still have it then i woul be happy to take it off your hands am planning on going to get some ickle clothes for SIB anyways. thanks X
  5. not going to defend this one again as i think i already did... and as it was the quickest response i could get from anyone at the time (thanks guys) i dont think it was that bad an idea. i didnt know if it was really an emergency etc.
  6. go to sainsburys and get some that is ready done!
  7. good point, as it was well over an hour before they phoned back, by which time we were well on the way to the hospital same as above... when it is the childrens hospital its rather impossible for them to be put to the front of the queue, as they are all children if i really need to explain this to anyone, i must have been at the computer for like a minute max each time, first to write the post and then a quick scan of replies a couple of mins later! had absolutely no idea what to do with her and neither did my mum.. if hadnt asked for some advice then may not have gone to the hospital.. any suggestions as to what else i should have done?
  8. thanks for the replies everyone! they metal detected her and its in her stomach so all sould be okay. only thing that needs sorting now is the temper that caused her to eat it in the first place!! for future reference though if anyone wants to know, apparently they do need checking at the hospital cause as people have said, it might not go into the stomach. thanks again x
  9. hi, need advice quick as my 18month old monster has swallowed 10p in a little act of defiance. cant get through to nshdirect and their internet thing isnt working.. my auntie says that they dont do anything in the hospital but tell you to wait so dont know whether to go or not... any advice what is the best course of action would be greatly appreciated. she seems fine btw. thanks
  10. dunno about now but it rained all week nearly whilst we were there at the beginning of the summer
  11. dont think i can put it any better than that so... mine is something very similar.. i dont usually think it is a bad trait.. until it gets me into trouble again.. (e.g. this weekend at work managed to upset someone in a big way cause she wound me up.. anyone got a new job they can offer me?)
  12. i'm also 18 and although definaltely do not want any more babies for a very long time know what ya mean... generally between the hours of 9 and 4 that my little monster is in nursery though! borrow her for an hour or so... you will never have babies!
  13. all teenagers? i'm not gonna waste my time arguing it... but im a teenager and has anyone seen me loitering on the streets lately?
  14. think some kids are just good at that stuff... my little girl can pull some right faces, even if she aint feelin the emotion that she is showing! (just does it when she is playing etc..) be them mega sad ones like those, or scarily happy!! dunno if she would do it on demand but then shes only 1.. might do when a little older i dunno !
  15. i had a bearded dragon... unfortunately it had to go last week to stay with a friend as unforseen circumstances dictated that i couldnt keep him
  16. they have them in one of those little shops on the lanes in meadowhell and in shops such as rocky horrors and i think fuse in town.. cost about £20ish i think and can be used a few times i think but not after longer than 30 days. i bought some a couple of years ago from http://www.gothic.uk.com/acatalog/GOTHIC_FASHION_LENSES_203.htmlhad no problems with them although dont know if they have any 'natural' looking ones
  17. surely if the jabs are given individually then you are leaving your child at risk of contracting one of the illnesses in the mean time....?
  18. they told us when we enrolled that we dont need to take that letter to the university as they do it atomatically at enrollment. we got out loans through a couple of days after enrollment. however i did see a couple of 2nd year people in uni today asking about the same thing at the student services thing and they didnt seem to know what was happening either.. the suggestion was that there may have been problems because of the trouble they have had with the power and system and stuff over the last couple of weeks. not much help im afraid.. sorry. hope its sorted soon
  19. when they are teaching in in science lessons there is a big problem with it! people may think that myrtle springs being turned into one of these schools is a good idea, which it may be. but i think it will cause more problems than good stuff.. i know that i definately wouldnt be happy about my daughter going to any such school as i should imagine many parents would agree with. there is nothing wrong with religion in my eyes, as long as its a choice and not being pushed down kids throats!
  20. im only 18 and need a new body.. or legs at least lol. have had a pain in my legs since i was in primary school.. has sorta moved up each year (sounds silly i know lol) and now walking quite often hurts ma hips and knees.. a lot anyone wanna swap?
  21. apologies if im wrong, or if its already been said, but dont they do the same or similar in china too?
  22. haha. well.. nothing wrong with a bit of foliage.. if thats what makes ya happy!
  23. center parcs is great for a family break thingy.. and although some of the activities are a little pricey if ya going for something quite cheap.. its a great place and they do a lot for kids, swimming being something ya can quite easily go and just do that.. we've been loads of times and until recently havent done many activities at all.. although the new spa makes it very difficult not to.. enjoy whatever ya do X
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