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  1. oh okay thanks, i wasn't even aware there was one of those. could anyone move this for me? or delete it when ive posted it again in the right place. thanku
  2. Well.. those who I spoke to the other day would have known that I have finally got the internet back on at home.. after one day of having broadband set up, my computer has well and truly died ...it switches on and usually gets as far as the windows loading screen, before sometimes going a little pixelly and eventually goes into a standby like mode. it will occasionally start in safe mode but this doesnt help me much as i'm still a bit of a pc spaz. does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be wrong or anything? ....also does anyone know anywhere decent that would possibly be able to fix it? thanks X
  3. i think no kids and naked saturdays would be more effective X
  4. personally i dont think its such a bad idea.. they have said you can do an apprenticeship instead havent they? the only reason i think the plan is flawed is because ive heard from many people that you are alowed to drop out earlier if you have a baby... one way to raise teen pregnancy rates! ....plus its no reason to stop school as im sure ive said a million times before ....but then i was expected to and always planned to stay on at school.. and to uni.. despite what else may have happened... i guess im not one to say anything from the point of view of someone who wouldnt wanna
  5. pretty sure its 60 on a single carrigeway and 70 on a most dual carrigeways.. have spoken to soo many people since i started driving that dont know this! although i'm slightly less inclined to critisize people driving slower after a m8 have to drive back from leeds at about 50 down the m1 yesterday when the engline warning light started to flash...
  6. certainly do believe in the noahs ark pub! the one at intake is the bestest one... and is definately the one the animals... and thats just the bar staff... with the exception of one cause she is ACE!!
  7. i'm 5ft 9 and a bit i think... ...with my heels 6ft ish lol
  8. i think that isnt entirely true of all instructors though. mine would always say that he was trying to teach me stuff to drive not to pass.. and he did indeed teach in a different way to the instructor i had before him. took a little longer than it probably would have done to pass my test but i and others that have learnt with him have found it easier to drive different cars n stuff i think. unfortunately i still suck at driving! lol.X
  9. thanks for the concern, sorry couldnt post to let ya'll know we were home safe last night, i still dont have the internet at home at the moment! we eventually got home safe, littlie all warm and dry. more than can be said for her mummy! made me realise that i rely on my car waaay too much though! perhaps i should start to walk more often! thanks for all youre advice last night and i hope everyone else that was out late last night got home in one piece! watched one bloke spend 20 mins ish trying to get up our road last night.. dunno if he did get up it in the end. lol. have fun all X
  10. erm... i dunno, cant imagine anyone will have soya milk.. erm, do local shops usually sell it?
  11. thanks, the roads are completely covered here too so no chance of getting on clear ground... but think will give it a go... thanks
  12. i have very little or no experience driving in snow and my confience behind the wheel is terrible at the best of times (for good reason, i suck at driving) so i think ive got no chance of driving... ...anyone tried doing the pushing a buggy thing in the snow? i really wanna go home
  13. i could, but my little en is here too and ive never yet got her to go to bed without a drink of milk, wouldnt normally be a problem i know, but shes allergic to cows milk so shes gonna have to go without if she stays here :/ you dont think it'd be a good idea to drive then?
  14. ive seen women do that too im sure.. well, perhaps women isnt the right term for them!
  15. hey! rather stupidly, i came over to my mums after uni today, not expecting the snow to be so bad. i skidded a couple of times on the way here hitting the kirb so can only imagine it would be even worse trying to get back now. does anyone know for definate if the trams are running as its a fair walk to the tram stop.. and erm.. sound silly but ma mum just said that i've got no chance of pushing a pram in the snow? anyone know if this is true or not because im not entirely sure that my 1yr old will be able to hack a walk to the tramstop in this weather and i certainly cant carry her! lol. HELP!
  16. it is indeedy closing... i think it sucks as altho it is a bit of a dump, it is great having somewhere away from the norm and regulation of collegiate and city.. in a little world of out own where it is okay to be different and creative. we'll be 3rd year teaching students by the time it moves so at least we wont have to have much to do with the uni then, we'll be on placement but it will be a massive shame. p.s. thought it was going to city not collegiate?
  17. my little un did the same about that age, then again quite recently and she's coming up to two.. the first time i think controlled crying worked quite well in her cot at night.. but there was no hope in the day, just had to wait till she grew out of it. this time, the crying thing didnt work but if there is something for her to do out of my arms then she seems to be better. also, telling her exactly what i am doing and when seems to work quite well, just so she knows in advance what is happening. gets quite irritating doing it all the time but her dad says it works really well when he does it, hes also tried to involve her in doing whatever he is, but without picking her up. dunno if it'll help at all but sorry to hear ya havin a tough time with your littley.. am sure it will all pick up soon!! x
  18. guess it depends on where you are working then. in the pub where i work we have very little or no hassle and i cant remeber ever seeing anyone throw up in there! (was one that we know of but that was in the loos). have to work hard as the landlady likes to keep her standards but its a nice place, nice people, n a lovely atmosphere to work in most of the time.
  19. havent dated anyone.. although have become very 'close' with certain people at times.. and no tht doesnt mean in the sense you dirty people are all thinking! however.. im on my own now so if anyone wants me?!?!?! xx
  20. not in my case!! nearly every time i do it i manage to hit something... yesterday a conifer and a wall!
  21. i cant say about having a full time job and a part time one but can say that working behind a bar is less like work and more like a social thing once you get to know people! i have two part time jobs but am at uni all week so is similar.. and im still alive. most of the people in the pub where i work have fulltime jobs also! hope it helps a little!
  22. tallgirls.co.uk do lots of long stuff, dunno what sizes they go up to though. apart from that i think the best plan would be to have a wander round places like next, dorethy perkins, evans and erm... maybe debenams as im sure they all do tall and in larger sizes, see what you can find. wouldnt advise anyone who is looking for long trousers to try topshop though!! i bought some plain black trousers labeled 'extra long' from there the other day to wear with heels for work.. not only did they fall apart after a week.. they were only just long enough in flat shoes!! and i'm only 5ft9!.... i get most of mine from next now
  23. do it all the time... but i wouldnt advise anyone wanting to drive well to look at my driving! lol. mostly when dropping people off and turning round... tho i do get lost quite a lot too!
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