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  1. origionally from Gleadless (hollindsend) s12... now at norfolk park (or park grange) s2
  2. taken a long time for me to get on here.... but thanks XX
  3. i'm still here, occasionally... just as a lurker these days XX
  4. i'm just a little over 5ft 9.. and would often love to be a lot shorter.. although if i was, i'd need to be thinner and built smaller too..
  5. ah rite.. i used to check for the vegan thing.. but i think J only ever had green and blacks... and the dairy free ones from morrisons
  6. ....very dark choccie is usually vegan and therfore dairy free isnt it? personally i would avoid soya milk wherever possible.. its pretty nasty, tho i used to cook with it when making stuff for dairy-free baby to share and it wasnt that bad.. ....sainsburys do loads of dairy free stuff inc. ice cream which is edible.. morrisons are particularly good for dairy free choccie (of the non dark variety...) which doesnt taste like ick.. assuming that other supermarkets do stuff too.. get my sympathy for the dairy-free-ness... it was bad enough buying and feeding the dairy-free stuff to someone else without having to eat it myself! X
  7. there is something very wrong with blokes having long nails IMO.. ....if i cant grow my nails long then neither can they!!
  8. although i think i should be in a box titled, 'SHOULDNT eat chips as are fat enough already'.... chips and gravy with tons of vinegar is the way forward!
  9. wow.. only read the first 3 pages, i gotta admit, but sounds like you are doing great.. nice one! ...do people reccomend weight watchers then? i need to loose between 2 and 3 stone ideally and still seem to be going the wrong way... fabby to see people so motivated! keep it up!
  10. I think i've got my place reserved as the devil!
  11. wasnt there a fancy dress meet a long time ago? and not much fancy dress there?
  12. i'll second that one, SIB is very happy there.. even if it is an absolute nightmare getting there sometimes
  13. hi, the horses are beautiful. what sort of height or weight rider are you looking for? my sister is about 5ft 8ish and cant weigh much over 10st.. but she says she would usually be riding a horse 16+..
  14. hi, My sister has 4 baby gecko's that she needs to sell ASAP. She has run out of space for them and lost even more tank space having to seperate the male and famale adults! anyways... I dont know what sex they are yet but she is asking for £10 each for them.. she did say that she could arrange to make a pack up with the tank etc. to be included, but i would have to find out from her how much that would cost her to do but if anyone is interested that shouldnt be a problem. she is just looking for them to go to a good home! pm me if anyone is interested please! X
  15. na... no-one wants me preacher.. i've begun to accept that single is going to be my status for a very long time.. perhaps i should start getting cats now??
  16. I think that although you have to try and strike a balance somewhere with both.. friends should come first.. which i have learnt so far is easier said than done..
  17. gone a long time without internet at home! have been lurking around in the background when ive had chance to at uni X
  18. Well.... single now for a year.... getting quite bored now...
  19. thanks. we went to the docs yesterday and she said just calpol and that it doesnt really matter if she scratches as shes a bit young for it to scar.. im not sure about that! went into the chemists and they told me to get piriton... dunno if its helped the itching.. she just says it hurts. but its sure as hell knocked her out! didnt believe her when she dragged her duvet into the living room n said she was going to sleep on it... yet, she is indeed asleep on her duvet in the living room! lol.
  20. see your gp, they can give you loads of different creams before resorting to steroids (we've tried pretty much all of them)... my little'un grew out of it by about 18 months but we found that when it was really bad, we only used steroid creams for a couple of days.. diprobase applied 6-8 times a day (at nappy changes) all over the body and covered with a white bandage suit thingy, and epaderm at night, again kept covered with white thingy.. cleared it up really well.. since that shes only had tiny bits of dryness in the past year..if it gets quite bad it might be worth asking the doc to refer you to the exzema place in the childrens hosp.. we were never referred there by the gp, but when she was in for allergy testing they took her straight down there and got it all sorted out.. ....ma mum's blokey's grandaughter tried everything going though, all the creams and treatments available, and even some 'experimental' ones they werent sure about.. nothing worked and her skin was terrible.. think she has pretty much grown out of it now thankfully (unfortunately its taken till shes 5) ...i think it does depend the child as to what works for them
  21. .....you can apply for help when at uni through the student loans company that does all other student finance, like fees etc.... care to learn is for as you said, parents under 19.. i believe its also for a qualification lower than a degree.... but then ya wouldnt be doing a degree that far under 19 anyways i guess
  22. yeah, its the same as the tax credits thing really i think.. 85% of childcare costs, depending on income etc.. but as i student i dont think your income is counted.. ......i'm 19 and my daughter is 2.. i'm doing a fulltime degree and working 2 different jobs... oh and im single..... i've found the last year very difficult as it was my first year at uni, first year single, first time ive worked so much.. hopefully the next few months off will be enough to recover and do it for another year! ...anyone else find it difficult that their friends (being young or students or whatever) dont have babies too?
  23. 2 years and counting... though i think its gone past the stage where i can blame it on baby belly...
  24. anyone got any ideas on stopping little kids scratching? my 2yr old has come out in loads of spots today, which im assuming is chickenpox.. shes not in the slightest bit bothered about the ones on her her body yet.. but keeps scratching her face.. dont want them to scar and some are way too close to her eyes to put owt on em.. ....i've asked her not to scratch, and put her to bed in a babygro to make sure she doesnt scratch her bod.. but when shes told not to do it she informs me (usually quite abrubtly) that shes just rubbing them.. will that do as much damage as scratching?
  25. thanks guys, sorry, even having been using this site for so long i still dont know how to report it..! thanks for doin that for me anyways. i'll give you a shout if i need it fixing thanks, my mum has taken hers to someone today who she says would be able to do it, will see how that goes X
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