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  1. nah, when you get into the standing area you cant really get out to get drinks or anything. me n david walked over to mc donalds after. alot easier. n cheaper
  2. I'm not sure. It was absolutley packed tho.
  3. Yeah it was, apart from the walkin home bit cus it was freezin!! (Still got David's hoody. Bumma.)
  4. Did anyone go and see Iron Maiden last night at the arena and what did ppl think of it if ya did?
  5. hmm... im tall, blonde (well its lookin quite pink rite now but shouldnt b) have blue eyes ant got a pic on mi faceparty profile n e more i dont think. probably a good thing tho
  6. ha, gud luck!! b ok tho its pretty easy 2 find. its rite big n all!
  7. hmm... i reali hope we r tlkin bout the same person ere. but if we r then haha. mebbi
  8. Yeah I think it will have been that certain person (sum1 tht i reali like, by any chance?) n e ways. poshness!
  9. 25a and 25 go onto chesterfield road from woodhouse/richmond etc. you would need to get off just after ponsfords and walk down little london road i think. im not rite sure tho bout were to go from chesterfield road. but no, u cant miss it!
  10. no it would be someone 16ish male, i think. (who told me, not me) y?
  11. actually thinkin bout it i have no idea were u live Caprice but from wot sum1 told me ure house is v posh!
  12. hmmm... well if n e 1 wants to tell me were at intake it is posh plz do!! haha (no offence 2 n e 1 tht lives at intake tho!! parts are pretty posh)
  13. haha. POSH!! yea. ure rite tho, posh round ere, i dont think so!!
  14. we have one but im not sure tht anyone actually uses it for owt, well part from my niece who uses it to competely soak the whole bathroom with!! its a bit like our sauna, just there for decoration most of the time!
  15. im not even doin a lanuage at GCSE so no chance n e ways!!! hmmm i was thinkin bout summat alone them lines. cant reali c how n e lessons can b gud tho dudette!! ta n e ways X
  16. o rite k, i have no idea were 2 go which is quite gay. but thinkin bout it i dunno wot subjects to do either! n thts 2 caprice btw
  17. hmm.. *thinks hard* i still cant imagine ever wantin 2 go bak!! wot 6th form u at?
  18. there are some complete hmmmm... not nice ppl! (bet way 2 put it i guess^ at my work but u just have 2 get on with them most of the time n there are so many ppl u dont usually have 2 have owt 2 do with them n e ways, even tho some of the guys can b a litte pervy at times. not many of em will take it 2 far tho!! most ppl r lovely!
  19. I think more men should have this training as most of them seems to pretty useless at things like that! (sorry to the few men that arent!) I mean, could try to do something simple tht they could cope with at least!
  20. I am at The City School which is very unfortunate!! On the up side though I am leaving this year!!!!
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