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  1. I would love to walk the 6 miles to and from work in the snow.... however do wonder how long this would take me as i'm not entirely sure how childminder would like me dropping my little one off at 6am!
  2. Congrats :) Hope all is well! Best of luck.
  3. .....you didn't mention where abouts just a thought
  4. ...perhaps it was too cold in the classrooms at school, hindering concentration when they were doing punctuation and spelling... (yes mine leaves a lot to be desired)
  5. Of course there is a dress code as there is in the majority of professions just because it doesn't have a blazer and a logo... I'm sure not many schools would allow teachers to turn up in whatever they liked... and are there many schools where a teacher wearing a coat/gloves/wooly hat/scarf to brave the freezing temperatures whilst pupils are made to take their coats off?
  6. ....did you not say how much more impressed with springs you were? i'm in no way critising springs at all but erm.. how many lunchtime clubs were there? ....Actually on the topic of conversation.... as many others have said... if parents taught their children how to behave appropriately in the first place, or at least were a little more supportive of the attempts made by teachers and other school staff instead of immediately undermining them... am sure there wouldn't be so many problems! ....I know i certainly twisted the truth when I got home from school, in trouble again, it was never my fault! (my mum never believed me.... and she was right not to!)
  7. We always used to go to graves... sometimes a little chilly but get joining in and its all good
  8. Funny, i have yet to hear that one actually being taught.... Although I admittedly did think that was the case before I found out for myself
  9. unfortunately not as i was more concerned about myself and my auntie being out of the way... didn't fancy being in the middle of the pavement when they careered onto it.... they were going waaay too fast to get it after! grrr
  10. Ah probably the ones i saw driving hideously dangerously down gleadless common yesterday then... fishtailing all the way down on purpose.. spinning around half way down (narrowly missing the car in front and the pedestrians on either side of the road) then chucking snowballs and hurling abuse at people walking... ...apologies to whoever's drive i wandered down for a couple of seconds to be outta the way!
  11. Great fun.. especially in the wet weather... all covered in mud and stuff! Does hurt a little though... my bruises are just fading.. only went about a month ago...
  12. with the others on this one... worrying and stress may make it late anyway. best thing is to do a test in a morning, get it out of the way and then again next week if still not started. hope all goes okay
  13. oh wait, i stand corrected.... reading the linked post spoiled that one!! what a shame!
  14. ah thats not what i was expecting when i saw the title.... was expecting blue flashing lights not pick clothing... pleasant surprise!
  15. 3 in each ear lobe, both nipples, top and bottom of navel and a surface on my wrist.... looking what to have done next only one tattoo as they hurt and cant be taken out. Dont know why... something have been asked a LOT lately.. just an interest like any other i guess.
  16. really? all teenage mums do that?
  17. ....so far today.... A low cal cereal bar thingy A supposed healthy noodle pot thing... (not pot noodle, healthier.. tasted just as bad) 2 bottles of vitamin water stuff..
  18. haha. i can see where the similarities lie between those two!! and the rate im going, could end up either one by next year!
  19. I was wondering about this the other day actually.. i never struggled with anything at school, but was less than well behaved at the best of times. i cant imagine that anyone that taught me there would believe me if i said that this time next year i'll have finished uni and (hopefully) be qualified as a secondary teacher!
  20. Back scratching is amazing!! didnt know it was somethin so common.. thought i was just wierd!! more guys should be aware of this though.. so that they think to do it.. mmm..
  21. thanks.. is it hard to stick to WW though? and... wasnt it a bit daunting going to meetings and stuff? i've said tons of times i'd go but waaaay too scared!
  22. Hi all, I keep seeing this advert on random websites for 'the pink patch', some kind of stick on diet pill, for lack of a better way to describe it! was just wondering, has anyone ever tried this or know anyone who has..? or any other kind of diet pills for that matter ? (and i know the best way to diet is healthy eating and excercise etc. but theres a lot to loose and everything i try seems to send me in the wrong direction) XX
  23. if it did indeed go in the charity box then i dont think its really very fair.. thats what we've been told to do with any change customers dont want at work anyways (in another big supermarket)
  24. i worked from 7 till 3am so was well and truly sober.. one of the best new years for a while tho.. and even better, i can remember it!
  25. Oooo.. someone said that to me at work today! he was horrified at the idea of my little-un being an only child.. and despite the fact that i am well and truly single was trying to convince me she's b lonely alone.. ....i on the other hand, couldnt exactly imagine not having my sister, but as the oldest of 2 girls, can definatly say there were many times i have wished i didnt.. world war 3 was an understatement with us two.. and we've only just managed to call a truce now at 18 and 20! ...i'd say the age gap is a big thing though.. for some reason, 2 years between just didnt work! .....CONGRATS!!! ! X
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