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  1. To go back to an old one... So fantastic that you are both okay now after all you went through! I gave blood for the first time 4 months ago and tried again today, as a result they said not to try again but really think that more people should, its such a worth wile thing to do and if i could, i would be going back in 4 months time! Congrats on the baby and big thumbs up to all those who give blood, plasma and all the other things!
  2. I heard today that similar things have been reported in dronfield too... don't ask me how true it is but letters have gone out at some of the schools apparently
  3. I'm on page 103... Less than a year after the forum started... thats quite impressive how quickly it grew!
  4. i've only ever had one piercing there and i wont be returning for a second one! .....one of my friends had a couple of tattoos done there.. and ended up going to the one across the road from it to get them sorted out. Maybe it has improved somewhat but i still wouldn't.
  5. I think it is different for everyone... I can't offer an explanation for it really, but personally, I like peircings and nipple piercings are to me no different to any others... except perhaps that people can't see it, like navel ones i guess.. something that is a neccessity for work. I would never have any facial piercings or visible tattoos but respect that everone is different and for some they like it.
  6. I did know what you meant.... sorry, couldn't resist erm... I suppose so... now sure though, I can't really remember not having them done..
  7. If by sensitivity you mean it hurts massive amounts when caught on something.... yeah!
  8. oh well.. wish i had thought about that when i had the second one done then!
  9. ears were done with a gun though... the 3rd one was painful! how'd you get 3 navel ones in? I've got two and looking for my next piercing but not sure where to put it! lol. I didn't think surface peircing was too bad either though so maybe i'm just wierd!
  10. I had both mine done twice at Feline.... Jayne is really good and I never had any problems either time.... First time I had one done then the other a few weeks later... Second time I had both done on the same day... ....i think i preferred the second time because it was over and done with as it does ache a little after. Have never heard about the no saliava thing.... not for that period of time! Amongst the least painful piercings i've had i think... ears hurt more im sure
  11. bad behaviour like that doesn't appear on its own as a result of grief or berevement.... ....but it does from bad parenting, or more to the point not parenting at all no he shouldn't have been hit at school, under any circumstances. but for many shock and pain it could be more of a reaction than an intentional slap....? perhaps. What i don't understand is how its alright for kids to hit teachers and get away with it?(even if they are secondary pupils and like fully grown adults) .....if my daughter had been in the same class as this child or any children like it, i would have been horrified if they hadn't kicked him out! Other children who are brought up and looked after properly shouldn't have to suffer. Social services going to look into how wonderful the parent in question is i wonder?
  12. I wish I had only been in for 6 hours! I went in one day, was induced the next morning, dd was born at 7.30 that evening and i had to beg to be let out at about the same time the next evening....
  13. Totally wrong not to make exceptions in this case, but the hat rule is CCTV related.... and i've never been in but have met the landlady many times elsewhere... she has never seemed too bad.. but i think running any pub around that area has gotta require some balls... and perhaps a little ott with the rules.... ...if not it turns into the royal oak ...still very wrong in this case
  14. .......does anyone know if that is now the hallam uni nursery? ...we heard that it was but didn't know if it was a 'story'
  15. ooo.... whens the interview? which job is it for? the number 1 is the best to catch.. leave plenty of time though because its not the most reliable.. or didn't used to be!
  16. Just one of the many perks of teaching... i mean.. short days, tons of holidays, no work to do at home, no hassle, no stress, long breaks, fantastically good pay.... Marvellous!
  17. Yeah thats when i was thinking... SIB was tiny... one very pampered pooch! slightly off topic.. So impressed you're doing something about it PT.. hope you get somewhere with it
  18. Gosh PT that is awful! You should definitely see if you can get some help with this one from the school and whoever else could be of use to this little girl. You certainly aren't interfering in any bad way on that one! Fingers crossed that something gets sorted and soon! ...see too often the effect it has on kids when they get older and have been treated like that.. if everyone turns a blind eye it will never stop. Good on ya PT for caring xxx p.s. i believe i met your doggy many years ago... and far from not looked after!
  19. i meant smiling is one of those little things... sorry erm... perhaps also doing those little things like holding doors if someone is right behind you etc...
  20. Am assuming it will have been said before.... but smiling at strangers... little things
  21. and sitting down at the end of the evening and getting the feeling that everything is 'just right'
  22. The slightly mad-ish antics of the little one
  23. haha! I must be getting old... have only ventured out in heels in the snow once this year... ooo.. make that twice Was only 'popping in' for a visit... seem to have got stuck x
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