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  1. oh i am so comin round to urs dear.. perhaps its just a coincidence then that the short blokes ive been far enough to see that with have been little then
  2. regualr length certainly aint long as they never fit me.. have noticed that they have started to sell more 'long' length trousers and other clothing.. although unfortunatly in many places this just seems to mean they stick a long or tall tag on a 32" leg length
  3. hmmm... but wouldnt a really short guy just look like a tripod if it was big?
  4. apologies for lowering the tone but... does guys height and erm.. size tend to be proportionate?
  5. heh. perhaps were just tall people then... i'm 5'9 and im sure there arent really THAT many people loads shorter than me
  6. we were talking about this the other day... couldnt believe how short the average is for women! thought it would be at least 5'6..
  7. although i aint keen on eating their food anyways.. i gave up on mcdonalds when the vegi-burger dissapeared (the nice one) and was replaced with the most foul quorn burger... now even that has dissappeared and the choice is now one of those vile delhi sandwidges.. tend to go without food if it means eating that or nothing
  8. i am coming from the P.O.V of the parent and not the nursery.. they did aks me if it was okay to put suncream on her and did mention consent forms but i dont think i ever completed one.. didnt think twice about it though.. they have forms completed for putting other creams onto her and surely if they change their nappies everyday then suncream shouldnt be a major issue. im just struggling to see the difference between a baby or 2 year old having a bit of cream put on, and a 4 or 5 year old at school who also cant do it well enough for themselves.... i think it is probably fairly rare that kids at school will need it putting on anyways if the parents have done it.. they arent outside very long
  9. im not a very pretty sight wi no clothes on tho... just so ya warned in advance
  10. i think brainthrust should do it also...
  11. think i'd be up for it.. if my bloke would let me of course
  12. can i ask if people feel it is okay for nursery staff to apply suncream to a child under 4 in a nursery school... bearing in mind that they are often out in the sun for much longer than they are at school and that many of them are much too young to be taught how to do it themselves..
  13. they do it at nursery... so i cant see what the difference is when they are very young at school... a 4 or 5year old surely isnt going to be putting cream on often enough and if they are, not doing it properly.. i would much rather teachers were putting cream onto my little girl, as they do at nursery than letting her burn (which she will as she is very fair skinned) X
  14. think its a reptile... not sure.. ive got a bearded dragon.. called spike (not v original i know)
  15. i had a very similar problem with my daughter.. although it was screaming instead of whinging. to get things done around the house.. or at the very least give ya arms a rest, have you tried putting him in a sling whilst you get on with what you need to do.. i found that jayden was comforted by this quite well.. something to do with being close to you.. im not sure this is really the best advice to give but to manage to get a proper meal, we used to either one eat and then the other when the first had finished or until she stopped feeding for long periods of time and for comfort, feed her when we sat down to eat (takes a certain amount of pratice and precations with hot food) dont know how this would work if he isnt breast fed though.. other than that.. could try putting him in a swinging or rocking chair where he can see what you are doing, or perhaps even a bumbo chair or similar.. my little un loved being sat up properly before she was big enough to do it herself. i wouldnt worry too much about getting everything done around the house though for now.. make sure that in the time that you do get, you take some time out for yourself to relax and just have some 'you' time! perhaps get someone you trust to take him for a few hours a week so you can get done what you need to? anyways.. hope it helps.. feel free to get in touch. XXX
  16. hi, really sorry to hear that! my heart really does go out to ya.. it is early days though and ya never know.. ya mum may come round when she gets used to the idea a bit.. i was in a similar situation with my parents (and most of my family tbh) when i got pregnant at 16.. and although my gran in particular didnt speak to me for a very long time.. as soon as my little girl was born.. she was so happy and now cant go more than a couple of days without seeing her! i have loads of clothes, a buggy, sterilising stuff, blankets, baby bath... and loads of other stuff.. most of which other people gave me (and most of which i never used) so dont want anything for them if you need stuff further down the line.... if ya need anyone to talk to (although i am away for the next week) i am usually around and have all summer free now until uni starts so just give me a shout and will do what i can.. however.... i also dont think that worrying about baby stuff is your biggest concern at the moment.. there will be chance to sort all that out much later on. at the moment you need to take time to sort yourself out and relax a little. worrying wont do you or the baby any good in the long run. perhaps try finding out about councelling sorta things in your area.. although it didnt help me at all when i was referred to one, it does help a lot of people. anyways, let me know if you wanna chat or need ought.. take care of ya'self XXX
  17. check on http://www.netmums.com - loads of info on local groups. alternatively.. contact your local sports center and see what clubs and sports they do for his age group.. this on ponds forge website looks pretty good too - http://www.fit-un.com/content.php?nPageID=49 (if you want to go do some exercise or something too)
  18. not a big fan of doncaster personally.. whever ive been there its seemed a little untidy and full of 'cheap' shops.... (perhaps i just saw a little bit of doncaster.. i dunno) wouldnt be slagging it off though really.. am sure there are places which are much worse. H x
  19. heh. sorry, know it isnt really funny.. my auntie had all her wheels nicked in meadowhall carpark.. i couldnt believe that people would actually go and steal someones car wheels!! but.. very sorry it happened to u!
  20. simple answer.. you dont and cant park at the hallamshire.. same with jessops! (and is someone now going to tell me that people shouldnt be driving there!?)
  21. usually.. unless they have been particularly rude.. for example the one that tutted when i got on the bus the other week and made some comment about me having a kid at my age!! was NOT impressed!
  22. baby wipes worked great.. thanks don! is what a coincidence draggle?
  23. only had piercings done at feline.. although they are supposed to be pretty good.. and surely £50 aint that bad?? i paid 70 for my tattoo which took less than half an hour.. feel the steel on mansfield road are good.. really friendly too! if ya going there though dont be tempted to try dragon tattoos across the road from it though.. would be a big mistake!
  24. if everyone in a chain didnt move on the same day wouldnt someone end up without a home.. if someone moved into their house they were selling and the house they were ready to move into wasnt vacant yet... ..very sorry it is taking so long though, hope ya get moved soon
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