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  1. then the school would have to have a temporary teacher in place. problem solved


    Affecting the child's education at all? Surely schools would also need Additional funding to pay for this? Tax rises ok to support it?


    Teachers especially those in the first years of teaching don't get paid enough to go on holiday every year during the school holidays. Their kids don't get to go on holiday during school time just because it's cheaper.

  2. I have yet to come across an employer that makes you work 4 weeks without pay!


    I have started two jobs at the start of the month and got paid at the end as that was the monthly pay date.... they don't change it and pay you earlier!!


    Totally disagree with the clothes thing though, unless its really really necessary and they should be cheap stuff not trousers, shirt and shoes totalling £100 or whatever it is.... a lot of people who are in work (perhaps on a temporary contract or wanting to improve themselves) dont have spare cash to buy interview clothes and they get no help!


    Do think it also makes a difference if its someone who has been working for years and got made redundant etc or someone who has never worked and has no intention of working etc.

  3. I mistakenly lived in the newer flats at norfolk park so close to there for 2 years and on no fewer than 5 occasions had locks on car doors broken or a window smashed and had at least 4 or 5 massive nails in the tyres..... a few too many to be a coincidence. would have taken this personally but know no-one in the area and was 4 or 5 cars in the car park that regularly got the same treatment. nightmare for cars! Definately would never go back around there....

  4. Better question would be: any info on which schools have 6th forms in Sheffield. Three quarters of them were abolished in the 1980s. There are only five sixth form schools in Sheffield:

    * High Storrs

    * King Ecgbert

    * King Edward VII

    * Silverdale

    * Tapton


    Notre Dame, All Saints springs academy and park academy all have 6th form too.


    If you are looking for one for yourself or someone else to study at, I would visit them and get a feel for what they are about, what subjects they offer and the general ethos of the school.. they will all be very different and each will suit different students. Some would hate one but love others.


    If just a general query.. google exam results league tables or check out ofsted reports

  5. absolutely needed! I don't see much of my dad and never have but he is always there and i've always known that. My step dad (well, sort of) has been a constant from a pretty young age so got both i guess


    ....my daughter spends nearly every weekend with her dad, only 2 days out of 7 but as she is at school all week he spends much more quality time with her than i do...


    ....not the best scenario for me but at the same time... a dad is important and they have a fantastic relationship, be it not for me to control and i would never dream of trying to use that in any way, saying he couldn't see her etc.


    ...saying that... not all dads deserve the right to the pleasure of their children, but that also goes for mums

  6. whats icky is kids of teenage parents failing in life due to having a parent who is a child.:roll:


    Totally agree... not saying it is always okay.... :roll:


    I was a child when I had my daughter... care to tell me why she will fail in life because of this? All honest opinions on this welcome as i would love to know in advance where i will go wrong :huh::help:

  7. Despite being a young parent myself i'm not sure its socially acceptable, or even should be.. but have voted that way after a conversation with a friend a while ago who has much older parents... as this person neared their 20's, their parents were closer to 70's. They were quite upset by this.. therefore i'm off the idea.. plus, my parents are in their 40's and that is icky.


    .....at the same time, each to their own, there are benefits and drawbacks to each and loving the child is what matters!

  8. Could be a bit of a problem!!!!! Did they try the other arm???? I have a perfect tree trunk in my left arm - ideal for sticking a needle in!!!! But if they tried my right arm, there'd be a problem as even when "pumped up" the vein isn't visible!!!!!


    Yeah, the one they tried was the better of the two... apparently couldn't feel the pulse until the needle was in either.

  9. I made two cakes for my daughters 5th birthday.... never made one before, may never make one again but....



    ....got ready coloured ready to roll icing from a little shop in chesterfield, alternatively can get off net. If not, food colouring paste and add to white icing.


    I got a leaflet off the till at morrisons the other day too that told you how to do a cupcake swirl etc.. could be useful?



    ...just go for it, will be fine!

  10. It would depend on why that donor isn't suitable... Some criteria lead to being barred permanently, sometimes the guidelines change so that people who couldn't give blood before, are able to now... And sometimes they change so that people who could, can't do so !!!


    I'm asthmatic, years ago, I couldn't donate, now, as long as my asthma is controlled, I can.


    Diabetics and people with high blood pressure are able to donate now, as long as their condition is controlled, whereas before they couldn't.....!!!


    Made 1 successful donation, the second one they struggled to find a vein and were suggesting maybe not try again.. when the needle went into the artery instead they said they would withdraw me as its not worth it... frustrating as i know its possible


    not got any medical problems or anything

  11. I believe it depends totally on the child and perhaps its more about suiting the majority whatever that is?


    ...my daughter started school last september (she was 5 in April) and was more than ready for it. They have had very little homework and from the work they brought home its mostly play based work. She isn't impressed at the idea they have to do proper work next year in Y1.


    At their school all the kids start in september but the younger half of the year (after april birthdays) go half days until jan which seems to suit most quite well.


    Having said that, DD was at nursery from 5 months, full time from 18 months so it wasn't a huge shift for her, shorter days and a slightly earlier start aside

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