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  1. Has anyone ever had a ticket from UKCPS and is so did you pay them. I got a parking ticket a few weeks ago because my parking permit had fallen onto the floor of my car.
  2. I used one called Diane's Dolls, near High Green. Tel: 0114 284 6582 It was a few years ago now but hopefully she's still working
  3. I asked why they hadn't got the biscuits I usually buy, said the factory that made them was flooded at Christmas time, there was something on the news about it a few days later
  4. Think a restaurant like Damons would do well in the S5/S6 area
  5. Try Snuff Mill Garage on Ecclesall Road, behind Tesco, really good and reasonable
  6. Snuff Mill Garage everytime. Really good. Behind Tesco on Ecclesall Road
  7. Be glad when it's all finished it's been a nightmare
  8. I live on Southey Green Road, near to where Ritz was, been OK up to now. No problems
  9. My mum and dad went in Rads right up to it closing. I used to go in every weekend when we were kids. Remember seeing Tony White and loads of other turns in there.
  10. Really hope he make a full recovery and the person who did this gets what he deserves
  11. They do still charge you. I enquired about this as they are working on roads where I live
  12. Used to be really nice, now just about large portions
  13. Snuff Mill Garage, behind Tesco on Ecclesall Road
  14. Look on Facebook for Just for Kids, all sorts of different things either for sale or given for free
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