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  1. And there am I thinking they were honest, hard working people.
  2. It's not very good, it reminds me of the tin-man in Somewhere Over The Rainbow .
  3. If you got rid of the " Brown Soap" the first thing that will happen is everything at ninety nine pence ands similar would be rounded up , so everything costs more.
  4. It's not the dogs fault, it's the useless owners who are to blame, the dogs are taken to wherever and are left to do what dogs do, the dogs don't choose where to be taken they just follow the couldn't care less owners.
  5. I've never used or had a wallet, lose your wallet and you've lost everything, I never carry more than a tenner as I never want to buy anything that costs over a tenner.
  6. When Arundel Lane was ripped up, back of the Rutland pub, Amey workers were selling the cobbles off for £50 a load, all cash in hand plus the supervisors and managers knew all about it and before someone says it's a lie my mate drove the JCB that ripped them up and loaded them up for cash in hand customers, A certain section of Amey workers stole anything that was being replaced and sold it on.
  7. I used to love the Salvation Army band coming round on the Manor estate, playing games in the street without fear of traffic . Happy days.
  8. Your lucky. We've moved just over the border into Derbyshire and can't get Sheffield's calendar, it's all Notts and Derby. Moved ten miles and it's gone.
  9. Dick Emery always wanted to be an opera singer, so much so he went AWOL and made his way to Italy to study opera. Totally opposite to his final destination in entertainment, he was brilliant, but I think the woke brigade will try to get his show stopped if it's ever repeated.
  10. I think turning what had been an evening paper into a morning paper wasn't liked by the readers, my family loved to read the Star after coming home from work and after tea. Then suddenly the expectation of reading about the people appearing in court for being D & D and as mentioned the obituaries when it was safe to publish the deceased address without fear of getting burgled.
  11. My post was removed almost immediately, I thought this was an open forum with no censorship.
  12. Who's bothered about his antics when children are getting murdered by parents and Putin is killing innocent people in Ukraine. He's nothing .
  13. It's called the Fairway not Fairways
  14. Just seen on the news the family of the two boys who lost their lives are now looking to blame for the tragic event but they should only look in the mirror, they bought the bike and allowed them to ride the bike while under age, now they smell money by probably trying to sue the police.
  15. It's sad they lost their lives but looking at them in their trainee hooligan uniforms, it makes you wonder just what the parents are thinking of letting them dress like that and were they even bothered what they were doing .
  16. No it's not, to many items about fast food shops opening and bars, news already been on their website a couple of days previous, what's happened to the court report? Property pages highlight houses in the £500,000 plus range, I don't think people who can afford these houses buy the Star. The so called reporters put streets and roads in the wrong areas, spelling mistakes abound and the never ending reviews on newly opened American fast expensive food outlets . The Star is the proverbial joke of a paper.
  17. I've known it to snow as late in the year as November 🤭🤭
  18. Excuse the pun but have they cut the service in the well to do areas. I remember when I went to work through those areas, council workers removed the fallen leaves from the pavement after every Autumn whereas the council estates any leaves were left for the wind to scatter.
  19. Personally I can't always understand what Toby Foster is saying, he seems to run one word into another, making him ,well to me, talking jibberish.
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