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  1. Any mention of him living with Randolph Scott for years.
  2. We get Hedgehogs in our garden and I'm sick of them, they crap all over the lawn and if you tread in it without seeing it , it ends up on the carpet in the house.
  3. Eckington is a paradise at the side of Sheffield, no noise, no 'orrible dogs, no teenagers hanging about etc. , we had a taxi from Chesterfield a couple of weeks ago and he wouldn't take a tip.
  4. The score yesterday unbelievable, I thought it was the new diet sheet for the players " eight nowt "
  5. I use the local taxi firm in Eckington, all local drivers and I can talk to the drivers without having to listen to eastern music or not understanding what they are saying.
  6. If the government can afford to to put immigrants in hotels at a cost of £7,000,000 per day, give millions in aid to wealthy nations they should stop all that and look after our own , pensioners should get at least £250 per week ,with the chronically sick the same, workshy individuals should get their money reduced.
  7. He's still there but over the shelf inside on the right I think but I can't remember if he's working.
  8. Sorry but that's just rubbish, simple words are now deemed offensive and the people who it supposed to offend don't care or understand why the hoo-ha , it's the wokes who get it into their heads that they know better than the rest of us and think we will automatically agree with the rubbish they come up with, sadly this forum has some of these people.
  9. Can't comment as the censorship that's rife will remove my post, truth is a very important word.
  10. My mate is coming up to his eightieth birthday and his memory is unbelievable, mention anything and he'll tell you about, he's a twenty year old in an old man's body, but he's been cheered up this week by being informed that his pension is going up 25p per week, after working 60 years, where's the six million pounds per day pot for old people and the real people who are struggling in today's climate.
  11. All so called talent shows, sex island, karda****es, cooking programme's, Rosie Jones can't tell a word she utters, soaps adverts showing hardly any white actors in fact nearly everything on TV.
  12. I moved two years ago to Eckington having lived my first 21 years on the Manor estate then moved to Gleadless Valley where we lived for 53 years , when I lived on the Manor you never saw any kind of American bull dogs, perhaps a staffie or two but generally they were cross bred dogs, around thirty years ago the type of dog that that became popular were the tough looking dogs that the owners used to enhance their standing in their particular group and to scare other people, then the Doberman , Rottweiler sadly the American Pit bull became the dog of preference by the idiots that infested the Valley, I know all dogs have a quick change temperament but responsible owners seem to contain their urges. Since moving here two years ago I've seen one " my dogs more vicious than yours " dog the others that pass my home every day is like watching Crufts contestants strolling in front of the judges. To end all dogs can bite but for some people actually promote this trait is scandalous, don't put all dogs in a black light, ( can I say that Mr Woke )
  13. Bob the Builder. can't believe someone looking for different meanings in songs.
  14. According to you but it will resonate with other forumers. Sorry for putting my foot in your little pond.
  15. I was pointing out an incident I observed, where did I say no other city has these problems, I'm quite aware of this thread but I suppose it's your hobby picking up on things that's not really there.
  16. Visited the Moor yesterday, idiots, druggies, alcoholics, homeless beggars, take your pick to what they were, they were shouting and swearing on the seating outside Sainsbury's, one of them saw a mate walking up near Atkinson's " where the f-----g he'll have you been " he shouted this despite women and children milling around , sat outside Sainsbury's door was a middle eastern man begging for money, just why do the authorities allow these people spoil a once decent area, I should mention when all the swearing and shouting was going off two p.s.o. walked past without a glance.
  17. Should heterosexuals march to show how proud we are ?
  18. When labour came to my door canvassing for votes, I asked why only immigrants were getting all the empty properties, I told him I didn't want to live in an African village, he didn't know what to say. Children as young as eight or nine were looking after toddlers while parents were out scrounging for unwanted things which they parcelled up and was sent back to the Congo to be sold, if we left children in charge of toddlers we would be in court charged with child neglect.
  19. We lived in the same council Maisonette for fifty four years, it was brilliant then the council put Immigrants in 16 of the 20 Maisonettes, rubbish everywhere, grassed areas dug up to plant corn, cooking on the pavement, the council wouldn't respond to emails and photos, it got gradually worse so we had to move, plus drug dealers were never bothered by the police, it was rife but nothing was done. We loved our Maisonette but having to move was all down to the council not wanting to be called racist, the Immigrants did as they pleased and we had to live among it.
  20. Absolutely rubbish, it was no different to any of the pubs nearby.
  21. And there am I thinking they were honest, hard working people.
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