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  1. Well there wasn't a car under the stone...... Might have been a bus?? Which is why I asked a question. I was merely asking if anyone had any information on the incident, saw the car reg? Colour etc. The assumption I was referring to was that the speculation was aimless....... ---------- Post added 15-08-2016 at 22:39 ---------- At some point over the weekend. Maybe Saturday night? Not sure. It was mentioned on Sunday afternoon.
  2. Does anybody know what happened in Nether Edge on the corner of Moncrieffe Road and Sheldon Road? It looks like a car has crashed into the wall knocking it down?
  3. I have a couple of units in my double glazing that have blown i.e. there is condensation etc in between the two pieces of glass. Do you know if there is anywhere you can take them to have them re-sealed? Does anywhere do this?
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