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  1. probably not gonna get much in the way of talk on her bout that.... try googling "DragonSlayers" who are a gaming club based in sheff/mansfield or go to warhammer.org where there's a pretty active message board with peeps form Sheffield on. to be fair - the people that go to the vets night in Sheff are sound as so you'll be cool there. they're not cliquey or owt!
  2. Hannah Rei (technically form Wakefield i believe but plays in Sheff a lot) is the most incredible female singer i've ever heard. beuatiful to boot too!! Quite likke "Cats for Peru" for a weird indy kinda trip. Absolutely love "The Crookes" and been watching them for a while! they will be big - guaranteed! "Tiananmen" seem to have got their top form back which is good as i loved these then they went a bit naff for a bit... Rest of Sheff scene feels quite tired at the moment - or thinks it's bigger/better than it is!
  3. Where is Bladesunited? It's been officially closed with the only reason given that "they" dont have the resources to run it.... i was only using this an hour ago - bit annoyed that they couldn't have given us a warning... i sense something more sinister!
  4. notice how the people knocking it are the ones who have never been/had kids there.... ...interesting...noi?
  5. sucks mate but that poor checkout lass would've gotten a fine of £1000 had she sold it to a minor...obviously i get that you and your mate weren't which boils down to....welcome to a corporate compensation world. She'd have got a right bollocking off her boss had she NOT followed these ridiculous pricedures as they have these "challenge 25" things eveywhere now... either way...who doesn't carry ID around with them these days? i always have my driving license counterpart with me just to save the embarrassment of getting turned away fromt a bar...
  6. Sorry for double post - but thought i'd point put you'd probably be parking on top of a slide or inflatbable football pitch if you chose this option as they have all the stuff in said car park!!!
  7. Ok how has no-one picked up on this guy being a jester.... complaining about the environment and then goes on to say they're flying to New Zealand next month.... thanks for the chuckle!...of course, if you're serious....then you're probably worryingly retarded! back on topic....dude, it's Sunday, free parking everywhere...if you get thereearly you'll be able to pinch a spot round Shireham St, if not just keep going down the back roads...
  8. Don't have kids there but visited there this year as part of my teaching course. The building is very nice and clean and the class sizes aren't alarming, they're quite regular even. The classrooms i taught in were rather on the small side but this is an unfortunate trend of newer modern buildings. Despite it's reputation, the kids were really sound with us (i had a lower and upper math class!) however one of my course mates got quite a bit of verbal abuse from one of them in a different class, but that's just disrespectful kids these days and more a reflection on the parents than the school. The teachers are very good and do wonders with what they've got to work with. With a bit of community support and help from the parents (teaching of respect and manners!!!), oit's a matter of when not if the school will improve. With it being an academy, it's a trickling effect, but i think you'll see positive results each year! Hope this helped!
  9. aye - because if it was a mobile speed gun, they are legally obliged to inform you that speed camera's are operating in the area at elast 200 yards prior to the camera...(not too sure on the specifics of the distance...)
  10. Well me and the missus' went on the weekend and thought it was rather excellent. Meat and Vegetables/Fruit seem to be incredibly cheap. They have whole chickens for £1.98 which i wouldn't buy but they have free range whole chickens for £3.98 which is great avlue in my eyes. I can believe how snobby some people are that they would turn their nose up at Lidl/Aldi/Netto's. I did when i was a kid cause you got the **** ripped out of you! Social Stigma's and all that....but now i'm an adut shopping for myself it seems daft to not buy the same food cheaper. The missus' loved it as it was like shopping abroad... ...one mans eurotrash is another's treasure!
  11. Heard that it's hot Sheffield Uni But dont worry - it's all being used as propaganda to distract the gulilble masses away from MP's expenses and other matters of real concern
  12. Easy with the "picking on" teacher's grammar. This is a message board not and English essay. i'm training to be a maths teacher and couldn't really give a **** about my spelling sometimes. Back on topic: ha! seems you got caught out! - Lovin' it!
  13. i think under contract law you have 24 days from the start of the contract to decide against it - not sure on the specifics but if you can change to virgin i'd reccomend it - we get 'net, phone and TV for £30 a month and they've never let us down and even ring us up every few months offering us free tv upgrades for a month!
  14. grounded!!!! NO WAI>?! What with all the xboxes and playstations these days i imagine being ground is ****ing brilliant!
  15. sorry to add to your misery but my mate has had nothing but grief with Talktalk - we're in heeley area with Virgin and it's been fantastic service (cable!)
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