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  1. A NEW one? Cheeky buggers took one of Elm lane's engines away to try and save ten million quid
  2. I think somebody is having you on. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akinwale_Arobieke
  3. I always thought we had great thunderstorms. That was until last year when I went to Tennessee. Ours pale by comparison. The thunder was so loud it rattled windows and made you jump on occassion. And the rain... Jesus wept, I've never seen such rain. Drops like marrowfat peas in such volume that it caused the roads to become rivers and the splashes to come up nine inches, easy.
  4. Ask4 are putting in cabinets all through the city... in fact they may even be done putting em in now. They have a glass fibre to the cabinet and run through copper wire to your house. When I was with BE (great ISP by the way) I was getting roughly 2 meg on an 8 meg connection because of how far away from the exchange I am. With Ask4 I'm getting close on 40 meg down and 10 up.
  5. It wasn't used by Romans it was used by iron age Britons called the Brigantes. The fort is believed to be a part of an ancient defensive line built to try and thwart the invading Romans. So yeah, your information was out of date... Pre-1979 kind of out of date I tried to link to a page on wikipedia about the Brigantes but apparently I have to make more posts in case I'm a spammer. Or do something with parsons cross.
  6. Sounds about right. The 47/48 buses never run on time, I've even waited for over an hour for a service that's supposed to run every 12 minutes. David Young talks a load of BS
  7. I used to live just a few door up from there (on foxglove) when I was a young 'un. We moved from there when I was about 11 to daffodil.
  8. In (more or less) the middle of wooley woods at the side of a path there's a pool of water that's there most of the year if not all year round (memory's a bit hazy). At the other side of the path is a short drop of maybe two feet. If you were to jump down there and turn around to face where you've just dropped down from you'd see the "hole" I'm on about. It's Rectangular, maybe two feet high by one and a half wide, made of sandstone (it's man-made for sure) walls with a slab accross the top and if I remember correctly water runs from it constantly. Probably from the spring that makes the pool I mentioned earlier. When I was a kid myself and a couple of mates decided to explore it but got no more than two or three feet before it got too dark to see. I seem to remember it going in for a few feet before turning right into blackness. Does anybody know what it is or why it's there?
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