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  1. Well I know Jack Cooper one of his sons is around Ecclesall road at Nona's quite often..... so hopefully someone can pass the info" on to him......I.m not residimg in Sheffield or would be glad to let him know!
  2. Not sure if his name has been brought up before on this thread.....but anyone remember David Unstead?
  3. Hey Duffems...was also in the same troop......great times 'tracking' thru Cat Lane Woods...... and didn't they go to Thorpe Hesley annually.....there was also Capt. Knight around at that time altho I believe he got himself into some trouble a few years later!
  4. The Teenbar was a breakthrough for many of us kids! I would go down there from the Arbourthorne although we were originally from Carter Place Heeley...I hung around at that time with a guy called 'Twinney" ..John Charlesworh who naturally was a twin lol from around Upwell or Thirwell Street I think. We got into some right "tangles" to say we were only maybe 13....but we survived and became reasonably good global citizens..... I think! Thanks for the memories! I think the Oak St coffee bar stayed open later than the Teenbar and I remember we ended up there many nights playing the jukebox and have some happy naive memories from there also.
  5. We used to go in the "Green" around 1955-59.for mostly "A" films however we were anywhere from 11 years old to about 15. Who was the Usher was it Leo or Archie...something like that! The Heeley Coliseum also had an usher we used to make life miserable for by us sitting on the back row and rolling aniseed balls down the floor during the quiet part of the film! Happy times!!
  6. Jack and Alan Cooper's Dad ran it in the old days I believe...old days being the 50/60's.
  7. thanks for that fatrajah...I remember when we were about 11-12 and I had a girlfriend who I had a major crush on, but after a couple of weeks she told me still "liked me" but wanted to go out with Bobby as he was called then.....it was the end of the world for me as I knew it then! lol She ended up marrying a famous Sheffield footballer who shall remain nameless, and is still married to him! Wonder if Bob ever knew that!lol
  8. Yes that would be Bob that was around my age when hanging around Anns Road PlayCenter! Where did you guys work for so long, and what trade/job did Bob end up doing. Thanks for the info as it's so long ago! R
  9. Anyone remember Anns Road school "play center"? So much fun dancing to early rock and roll records.......thought we'd died and gone to heaven! lol Think mostly Carfield, Ann's Road and Heeley Bank kids attended and we were around 11,12 or 13 yrs. old. Had a couple of friends from around there......anybody remember Bobby Nelson or John "Twinnie" Charlesworth? As we got a little older after the play center we would head down to the teen bar by the Post Office on London Road and thought we were part of the Blackboard Jungle!! lol
  10. Nice to see Dougie Millward's name mentioned.....a very good footballer.....I was his brother Pete's apprentice at the YEB for a couple of years. They lived just above Granville College in those days.
  11. What was your grandfather's family name? We lived at number 13 Carter Place for a few years.
  12. Weren't they the rifles with slightly bent barrels? lol
  13. Didn't Brian "Bruno" Thackeray work there around 1958/59? Quite a character, still hear him calling in after the United matches! lol
  14. Just saw Shem's comment re Landsdowne..... great memories.....went in the back room playing darts there Thursdays around 1960, before heading across to Locarno after about three pints...only 15or 16yrs old which was a laugh, because all around us were the ominous signs RU18. lol Cuttsie might remember going in there with me, before getting into all kinds of tangles in the Locarno....it seems we were threatened with a "chinning" almost every night we were in there...... we were cheeky little buggers and probably more than deserved it for taking liberties trying to pull!! lol.....but how were we to know we were trying to pull somebodies bird...nobody danced with their girlfriend until the last dance! Lol Another couple of lads who we had some good times with in there were Dave Hyde and Dave Priestley...not seen any of them for 50yrs or so as left for Canada in '66. Enjoy everyone's comments on this site!
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