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  1. It doesn't have a built in HD-DVD player... Besides, I don't really care about High Def video formats - I would be unlikely to buy the HDDVD addon, and it looks like Blu-Ray is going to 'win' anyway. It's games I care about.
  2. http://www.xbox.com/en-US/hardware/xbox360elite/default.htm New Xbox! The black ones are only a limited edition, though, but after that they'll be replacing the Premium with it. I really want one . Any 360, actually - I want to go the Wii60 way.
  3. My HDTV, a Samsung 940MW, seems to be incompatible with my Nintendo Wii when using the Component cables. When I try to play one of the Virtual Console NES games, I get a green flickery screen and can't play. Anyone else encountered this?
  4. It took me ages to figure that out, but luckily I'd done it a week before I got my Wii at one of those Nintendo tours. I think I'm on the 5th temple now, played for like 30 hours...although I'm really dragging it out because I don't want it to end!
  5. They might sell out on launch day (but then this is England...we seem to dislike Nintendo) like in America, but there will still be more consoles in stores before Christmas. Many places have their initial shipments for the 8th, but are getting more a week or so later.
  6. Oh right, I thought you'd started setting it up. I have Telewest too; do you have one of those Motorola Surfboard things? If so, is if connected to your PC by USB or Ethernet cable?
  7. Have you connected your internet cable (from your modem or router or such) to your new wireless router, then connected the wireless router to your PC?
  8. It looks pretty good...but why not just get Vista? IMO this is the best, official MS, theme.
  9. Dark horse? More like, um, "awesomest horse". Got mine preordered; tommorow afternoon I'll be playing a new Zelda game. Woo. And anyway, I don't see how it can be considered a "dark horse". There are only 3 in the, er, running, and at the moment Nintendo is second in sales. Probably first in profit, too.
  10. Nintendo are bringing their "Wii Move You" tour to Meadowhall next week! I think I'm going to be living there for a few days, especially if they have the new Zelda on show. Thought I should post about it; nothing's worse than finding out about something awesome afterwards.
  11. In the past I have consistently connected at 2mb/s. Downloads used to go at approx 250KB/S, now they do not.
  12. I've noticed over the past month that my broadband connection is periodically very slow. I am supposed to have 2mb/s from Telewest Blueyonder Cable. I stumbled upon this article in The Register and was fairly appalled. I decided to check my download speed, and the result was only 1mb/s. This is without any bandwidth-sucking programs such as Bittorrent or games open. Has anyone else noticed something like this? I have complained to BY via their online form, but I doubt that will make a difference. Is there anything I can do, as this is surely false advertising?
  13. Is there an impractical way? The High-Def point is valid, but when I won't be buying a HDTV for at least a few more years (I fail to se any real benefits as of yet) it doesn't make ot better value.
  14. When you can get stand alone Hard Drive recorders for less than £60... They may not have triple tuners, but you also get it for more than a year.
  15. £10 a month soon adds up. Plus I would prefer to actually own the hardware, as opposed to what is really renting.
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