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  1. Yes Sheffield Star, get your act together! Endcliffe Park is not in Broomhill and Sharrow Vale Ward it is in Ecclesall Ward. Check the Sheffield wards map out! So don't expect a Councillor that doesn't cover Ecclesall ward to do anything about it.
  2. The Isle of man is a mythical and magical place, and you only have to visit once and something grabs you. I went at 14 to visit my brother doing a summer season there, and was hooked for life. Then later when I got into the biking fraternity via work for a client, I got the biking bug -a fatal combination of addictions, IOM and biking. Passed my test 1st time at 39. Until I came off at Spa and nearly broke my neck, and can't ride anymore, but still go to IOM TT to soak up the atmosphere as often as I can, but no one to go with these days. None of my current friends are into biking.
  3. I got home at 9.30pm one night to find a next door student had parked her car on my drive (private land) preventing me from driving up into my garage. Luckily the driver's window was left open so I opened the door, climbed in and got the other neighbours to push it out with the steering lock on, onto the road where I left it sitting there. I got the police to ring the owner (in a nearby pub apparently)and kept my eye on it till she came and re-parked it, over the limit no doubt. Good luck to anyone who tries to park on my drive!
  4. Not unbelievable nonsense....I have lived with southerners not wanting to strike up a conversation with strangers at bus stops on Ecclesall Road at the beginning of student academic years for 35 odd years when I used to bus it into the office instead of using my car. It is fact. Not in "social situations'' as you put it, but with complete strangers, read my post again. Plus I'm mainly referring to the parts of the south where it is dangerous and just not done to speak to strangers. It takes them a few months to get used to the friendliness of the Yorkshire people, who are friendly to obviously uptight visitors in bus queues who don't smile back when smiled at, but look away. I used to make it my mission to get them talking. So difficult, and always southerners. Standing beside the same person every day looking at you suspiciously because you dared to smile at them and pass a comment on the weather. It's simply rude. A couple of months after start of term they always began to smile back and eventually talk. If you can't be bothered to read and interpret a post correctly, don't act like an uptight southerner by insults. West country is WEST not London and the south as I highlighted. West country folk are great, they are quite friendly in my experience. Plus I wouldn't dream of going to Cleethorpes, Skegness, Bridlington etc its Barbados for me all the way.
  5. Hunters Bar has whittled down its student population now quite considerably thanks to 'zero tolerance' community associations who have hounded them out since the ghetto years, which was why these associations formed themselves to combat the student scourge. Plus the new purpose- built accommodation in the city centre areas have been a Godsend. Hunters Bar landlords struggle to get students to rent there now, as the word has obviously gone out, and have agreed with each other via the landlords associations to stagger the sale of their buy to lets to keep prices up. All good for us. We won't rest till the students have all gone. They are a nuisance every single day for one reason or another -bins left on streets, windows open with bass beat sounds day and night, pungent odours, litter etc.
  6. RIP Sir Gallahad Didn't know him, never heard him. All I know is he saved my bacon one cold winter morning when my car wouldn't start as he was passing my house. He saw my bonnet up, and me peering in scratching my head. He stopped and helped start my car. As we chatted he said he was called Frank White. When I asked what he did for as living he said he was in a band called the Frank White Band in Sheffield. I said "Should I have heard of you?" He replied "Well we play around Sheffield". No airs and graces or anything. I was suitably underwhelmed as that scene didn't interest me. I'd been around a lot of Sheffield club acts including Joe Cocker, as they came to our house often to collect their repaired gear, and my dad was Joe Cocker's roadie for a short while when his roadie was incapacitated once. Frank seemed a very nice bloke to stop and help like that and I've never forgotten his act of kindness as I was on time for work.
  7. I think it's horses for courses in the different areas of Sheffield. The inhabitants all find their own level of racism, and 'Sheffieldness' (or not) depending on their various experiences throughout their lives in those areas and elsewhere, wherever they have lived in Sheffield or elsewhere. A modern stranger to Sheffield cannot possibly make one snap observation about true Sheffielders without having spent some time in each area. Those of us who have lived in many areas of the city and outlying areas over (say) 65 years, and before mass immigration or migration from London (Manpower transfers etc) happened know that the areas all have different personalities. Those 'personalities' are moulded by immigration and differing cultures now. The area 'personalities' are often similar along the contiguous borders of the various Sheffield wards, which is natural, and has been like that for centuries because of the lack of cars for instance in some poorer wards. The neighbourlyness increases though as a result. Other areas have never experienced an area culture change by immigration, and live their lives oblivious of their indigenous Sheffield brothers and sisters living amongt it who are resentful. Some people accuse the ones affected of racism, I don't, as I believe it is a human and animal right to be territorial. So if a Londoner only spoke to them they would get the wrong impression of Sheffielders as a whole. In my experience I have found visiting Southerners at bus stops won't smile or pass the time of day with you because they think you are going to knife them, or are a nutter. (Because of the experience they have of the atmosphere in London and the South) They just don't get that Yorkshire people think it rude not to talk in that situation. If they stay around long enough they get to know we are naturally friendly folk in Sheffield, though we don't like folk taking our houses or changing our Yorkshire culture, wherever you come from. Act like us, you can stay and welcome, or go home, basically. Don't try to change our city or us with your stranger's views and life experiences. I think that sums up all those who are accused of racism in their own territory wherever that might be. There is no mystery at all about it. We are animals at the end of the day and are territorial. Not saying the Brits didn't do wrong invading other countries, because they did, which is why we're stuck with immigration now. So get over it.
  8. Aha! the old Banda machine! Fond memories for me, and I loved the smell. As school swots, my friend and I offered to be our school office assistants. Came in very handy in the lead up to tests. The doddery old biology teacher gave us the test papers for all years and subjects to copy on that machine, in the windowless stationery/copying room. We couldn't believe our luck. High on fumes and right arm muscles like superman by the end. Made a fortune though at 3d a time! The grades were all up that year lol. Of course we issued instructions with the copies we sold that a few questions should be answered wrongly to avoid raising suspicion. Those were the days!
  9. From memory, there is a subtle difference in law between when a car is blocking a driveway (willful obstruction of the highway) where a vehicle/home owner wants access to the highway to get out of his driveway, and when a drive is being blocked by a vehicle and the home owner wants access to his drive (inward) for his car. The police will act if the car/home owner wants access to the highway, but not the other way around. It falls into a different legal category for some reason. Can't just remember what the police told me the subtle difference was now, but if you phone them, and be polite, they will phone the obstructing car owner blocking the driveway and ask them to move it as it is an offence. They use the vehicle registration records I think, because they always seem to know where the driver lives, either locally or not locally. Give them a quick call and they usually act on a police call. The police used to say it would be towed away too, if obstructing access to the highway for too long. I live on a very crowded road, and always get good response from the police, especially at 2 am in the morning when I need to get out. I think they enjoy waking the offender up 😏
  10. In my view, the system these starlets were in at the time (say 1970s through to recently) was a throwback or continuation of the old 1930s/1940s movie industry, and various other industries, when men ruled the roost generally and called the shots. Women had a choice to get ahead, or not be held back (if targeted), and so chose to do what they did. In the 1930s and 1940s starvation could be the alternative, so I have more compassion for the bimbos who went into that industry. In the 1970s onward though, starvation was not the alternative for untalented people going into that industry. Their hunger was for fame. They chose to do what they did, or to put themselves in the positions where things got dangerously ambiguous with their influential bosses/moguls. All I know is, I would have fought to the death, and there would have been no ambiguousity in any room that I was in being raped. This still goes on all around us. The movie industry women/men just got the chance for payback that's all. Hopefully payback spreads to all industries.
  11. I've discovered the answer to the loo roll drought. 😄 There is a direct correlation between the amount of toilet paper you get through, and the amount of food you eat. GO ON A DIET. Take this opportunity to leave food on shelves for everyone else! Remember old folk don't have large freezers, and they often shop fresh daily so they can actually speak to a human being. They are not well prepared in a practical sense for self-isolation. They haven't got the storage capacity in their small fridge frreezers. They need food daily. Be kind and not selfish. Take people to task when you see them overbuying. Shame them publicly as I do.
  12. The only lad who could have beaten Seb Coe in the 1966 to 1971 St Paul's intake was Glen Ford. You must have been the era before him then. Glen Ford was the only lad who could beat me at St Paul's. I used to train on Sunday mornings down at the Hillsborough track with the Hallamshire Harriers with Seb Coe, and John and Sheila Sherwood. (Olympians) Just tne four of us trained by 'old Joe'. Mr Warren took me under his wing as my personal trainer. Pushed me hard for the future. Became good friends in later years long after I had left. Great mentor
  13. Corbyn is tbe best thing to have happened to the Tories. We should reign for a long time now to sort out the mess Labour left us with on National debt. They've just announced a 2019 election pledge of borrowing £600Bn. Will they never learn? You have to live within your means, whether a country or a family. That's probably why folk who don't budget and spend unwisely vote for them. Same nonsensical way of running finances. They handed the Tories an unbelivable amount of National debt and expect tbem to sort it in 5 minutes. It will take many many terms to sort that National debt out. We've only just got the country's annual accounts looking something like healthy, never mind paying off any debt we inherited. Now Labour want to borrow more...are they crazy?
  14. Wow ...see live Ian Austin (resigned Lab MP) interview with Kay Burley this morning. Says Corbyn not fit to run country or Lab party, and trad Labour voters should vote Tory in this coming election because although he doesn't agree with all the Toies do, they are fit to run the country, and there are only two real options for PM in this election. The guy nearly broke down and said he had to be honest about the state of tbe Labour Party now.
  15. Wow ...see live Ian Austin (resigned Lab MP) interview with Kay Burley this morning. Says Corbyn not fit to run country or Lab party, and trad Labour voters should vote Tory in this coming election because although he doesn't agree with all the Toies do, they are fit to run the country, and there are only two real options for PM in this election. The guy nearly broke down and said he had to be honest about the state of tbe Labour Party now.
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