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  1. Will keep you all posted. Am looking to organise for April/May time when the weather is better. Have been putting the word out among local rugby clubs and gyms and there seems to be some interest. If we can get five teams for seven aside (+rolling subs) it should be a good little league. Let me know if you want posters for your work/local gym. Yes it is absolutely fine if you have never played before. It is a really fun game for all levels.
  2. I'm looking to start a friendly mixed touch rugby run about or mini-league depending on the level of interest. I am thinking of playing on Sundays mornings or one week night at the playing field by Hunters Bar roundabout, depending on interest and availability. Let me know what you think? Touch rugby is great fun. It provides good skill and fitness for full contact players, and a chance to keep your hand in if you don't want to play/are to old to play (!) full contact. All levels welcome, especially southern hemisphere players, as they tend to play a lot more touch than us Brits, so can lead the way!! Hope to hear from you soon
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