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  1. I desperately need to copy from tape cassette to a CD. Can anyone Kate
  2. Wanting to buy health foods such as banana chips, nuts and wondered if there was anything cheaper than Holland and Barratt?
  3. My elderly friend needs some storage space for approximately 4-6 months. The big yellow storage space is too expensive. She needs to be able to access it to sort out all her stuff:help:
  4. I'm not looking for a freebie, so assumed wrong. I will pay. Thank you for your answer Retrogo, I will check it out. I am an experienced youth worker so I am well versed on CRB procedure etc.
  5. On 18th July between 6:30 - 8:30 at my local Church Youth Club I am hosting a charity evening and a 'Getting to know you' night for the kids (aged 10-14) and their parents. Does anyone know of a good Karaoke person who could come and deliver this for me, I will be hosting. Would like a range of music from the 80's to this present day. Thanks. Kate
  6. Hi. I run a youth group and want to buy some cheap beads to make bracelets. Sheffield area please.
  7. Can anyone remember French Skipping in the 70's and 80's? Run a youth group and would love to teach the girls but can't remember anything.
  8. I want to buy a reaction wall for my youth club. Has anyone ever had a go on one and if so, would you know where I can buy one from?
  9. Anyone know of a useful tip for getting a glass shower door like new. Obvious build up of minerals and hard water. Tried today, but still left with smears Thanks
  10. Hi I run a youth group and was wondering if anyone out there who keeps snakes etc, would be interested in bringing them along to our youth night after the summer holidays? Would prefer (obviously) if you knew what you were doing.We could pay you a small token gesture or at least cover expenses. The kids are great and don't bite! Kate S12
  11. I was brought up at CHapeltown/High Green when I was younger and I now live at Charnock, aged 39. I moved back to Chapeltown in 2009 but only stayed for 6 months before I went back to Charnock. The area I felt was once a thriving community and it felt so lifeless as a visiting adult. A community development officer would be a good idea
  12. Can anyone recommend a private GP as Im trying to get an appointment today. Have tried McKenzies but cant see me until tomorrow
  13. Theres nothing (in my world) more relxing than sitting in front of a fire. Does anyone know where I can get cheap wood/logs to buy as I dont want to keep spending at robbing B&Q:help:
  14. I went to buy a coffee table from there....cheapest was 250. I went to British Hert Foundation at Crystal Peaks....very cheap and good quality
  15. Is Sheffield really the most cynical place on the planet????
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