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  1. You HAVE to find this and let me know when it is posted!!
  2. Three years on from this post, and two of these have actually been back in touch. Anyone else had a similar experience?
  3. Panza Division morphed into the Lonely Hearts, also fronted by Glenn. I remember a single - FM Fantasy I think - and saw them several times at various venues. Drummer was Bubbles, who I believe died a year or two back, bassist Andy Fisher, can't remember the other guitarist's name
  4. The medium by which the news is spread after the event is not the issue, the issue is that you or I would never have been having this discussion were it not for the hype from a third party medium. I don't listen to Brand and would have known nothing. Do you listen to Brand's show? A full and (I think) balanced overview is here:- http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/neil_mccormick/blog/2008/10/30/in_defence_of_ross_and_brand
  5. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/neil_mccormick/blog/2008/10/30/in_defence_of_ross_and_brand
  6. I think that the cane should be used to flog Russel Brand within an inch of his life... The Cad!!!
  7. Does anyone know how much The Sun is paying her for all the exclusives?
  8. I believe you may have missed my point here. I am not doubting your ability to form your own opinion, nor am I in any way attempting to defend the utterly infantile and unforgivable actions of Ross or Brand. What I am attempting to point out is that without the story appearing in The Mail on Sunday, and subsequently The Mail and The Sun, most of us who choose not to listen to Brand's allegedly humourous radio show would be blissfully unaware of the content of that show.
  9. I think YOU would be a lot less irritated by them if they were being paid by someone else, rather than from the license fee. I think most people are more tolerant and less easily caught up in a Daily Mail story hype.
  10. Ah... I understand now... YOU were one of the TWO people who heard the radio show at the time it was broadcast and complained. Congratulations on leading the charge. I was under the mistaken impression that the only reason that most of us had heard of this pathetic stunt was because The Mail and The Sun had picked up the story and hyped it in order to sell newspapers... Tut.... silly me....
  11. I'm afraid I subscribe to the view of "If you don't like it, don't listen". I don't like either Russell Brand or Steve Wright, so I listen to neither of them. I do however respect that other people might like them both, and therefore accept that my licence fee goes towards paying them. I am not in any way attempting to justify or excuse the actions of Ross or Brand, as I believe them to be inexcusable, however the only reason that most of us are aware of the (unfunny and distateful) prank is as a result of the involvement of The Mail (Chip Wrapper which supported the Nazis and Oswold Moseley's Browshirts) and The Sun (has everyone forgotten the lies they published after Hillsborough?) Isn't it wonderful to be manipulated by the press?
  12. I like Ross but consider Brand to be a mockney, pseudo Dickensian, big mouthed ******.... However I do not think he ought to have been bullied out of his radio show by a press hate campain led by the Mail on Sunday and The Sun
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