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  1. Hello, I am a journalist at Sheffield Hallam University and I was wondering if there were any people on this forum who frequent Bolehills Park, more specifically the BMX track. I know it’s recently been going through some improvements and I was just wondering what everybody thinks of the improvements. If you have an opinion on the BMX track I’d love to hear it. Where possible and comfortable to I would appreciate your name and for you to answer some of these questions. How often do you use the BMX track? What did you think of the track prior to the work? What do you think of the track now that improvements are being made to it? Any other stories or information you also think would be interesting feel free to post them here. The more content I have the better.
  2. Hello, I am a journalist at Sheffield Hallam University and I am looking for some Hallam FC fans (or people who have attended their games this season) to talk about their experiences during this fantastic season. All you have to do is answer some of these questions in the thread below and where comfortable and (where possible and comfortable to) leave your name so I can quote you. What do you think winning the title means for the fans and the community? There’s been a real increase in attendance with 1179 attending the last home game of the season. What effect do you think that’s had on the atmosphere and the performance of the team? If this is the first season of you attending what motivated you to come down to Hallam and give it a try? If you've been around a bit longer why did you choose to start coming to Hallam and what does this title mean to you? What’s been the lowest moment of the season for you? What’s been the best moment of the season for you? (I think I know that one for most people but I’d still like to know) Looking ahead to next season what do you think Hallam’s chances will be in a new division and what do you think should be the aim for the club in the long run? I look forward to reading any responses
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