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  1. Depends on the attitude of your neighbour I guess! You could theoretically replace with a lower wattage? Less blinding in his kitchen? Or even just learn to live with the lesser angle on the light if it's sufficient. Or maybe modify/buy a new light that allows you to adjust left to right angle too,so you can keep the vertical angle but move the beam away from his kitchen? Or a combination of the two - you can get decent solar powered lighting quite cheap that may be suitable for lighting steps without running an extra power source. Or if you genuinely feel you're being reasonable and neighbourly and he's just trying to cause a fuss over nothing keep the light and let him crack on with the report 🙄 though expecting him to put his blind down every time your light comes on is probably the same level of neighbourly entitlement as him expecting you to move the light for his benefit. This is how people get on Neighbours from Hell 😆
  2. Problem is how do you differentiate the tourists from the locals 🤔 wouldn't fancy paying an hours wage for a one way ticket to work a 6 hour shift if I was unlucky enough to need to catch a bus in Cumbria
  3. Hi! Wondered if anyone knows of a coach around Sheffield or surrounding area that could help with some ten pin bowling lessons (for beginner level!) Thanks for your help :)
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