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  1. can remember playing abbey we won the sunday regional league 3 in 75 by .0006 of a goal and received the cup and medals at top rank suite unfortunately i had to shake hands with ken knighton to receive my medal will never forget him kicking everybody wearing a red and white shirt 6 foot in the air playing for hull at the lane in march 71
  2. my auntie and uncle were landlady and landlord at the silver fox pub at stocksbridge in the late 60s and they had all sorts of sightings there plus wardrobes and drawers shaking and rattling they did do tapes of it happening and had to come out in the end it turned my aunties hair pure white
  3. did you know ronnie dransfield or steve else ?
  4. my grandma lived on channing street house just after the church on the way up loved going to the corner shop at the top of channing street for spice
  5. brian thackery is a good crown green bowler as well i played for timbertop in sunday regional league between 71 and 75
  6. penrith road shirecliffe was a fantastic estate between 50s and 70s great community but started going astray in the 80s
  7. hi rob my wife was called june mennell in those days she remembers all the names youve mentioned
  8. yeah was lots of families all working at stanleys although they were not allowed to work in the same department
  9. anybody on here that worked in the warehouse at stanley tools in the 70 i worked on the finishing line with les westram and trevor godfrey before we were moved out to hellaby
  10. worked there 68 to 73 on guillotine then setting presses up our boss was brian cocker a relative of joe cocker
  11. you must have taken over guilotine duties after me mick think i remember you by that time i had taken over from brian cocker setting up the presses mary peart and janet worked on the 2 big machines and liz smith worked on the small one remember cliff with his little oil can lol and the guy in the basement was called tom he did a brilliant alf ippititimus impression you must have known june my future wife we started going out late 72 before i left in 73 for british steel job
  12. billy mcall might have been in that team runningman left winger who signed for wednesday ginger hair
  13. revill stimpson was the other part of the management team chris pickering had a brother that worked there as well cant remember his name but he had a pancho moustache
  14. actually got it wrong it would be year above us where did you live dobby anywhere near magnet ? i lived on penrith road shirecliffe bang opposite shirecliffe junior school
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