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  1. How about Barnsley? Is that a nice and safe area to live?
  2. Chapeltown seems like a great option as well. Thanks! I have heard mixed opinions about Chapeltown though. Is there any areas to avoid?
  3. Thanks! There’s no flat/ house to rent in area at the moment, but I will keep an eye on this area!
  4. Hi guys, I'm moving to Sheffield in the end of January for a job relocation and I'm looking for recommendations on what areas are nice to live in. I will need to commute to Sheffield city centre few times a week, but overall my work base is in Barnsley. I am planning to rent for a year whilst deciding whether to buy a house to settle down, and my budget for the rental is £700/ month for one-bedroom house/ flat (£800/month max but hopefully I can get a decent place with budget of £700). I do drive so I will need a parking space. I am looking for somewhere safe and quiet, easy to commute to Barnsley but also not too far from Sheffield city centre as I do need to commute to there once or twice a week, with some nice parks and basic amenities (shops like tesco express for quick groceries shopping, gym if possible). Thanks in advance! Flora
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