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  1. My first job was as an assistant in the publicity department. There was an advert in the Star for a junior in the printing room. I went up on a whim and managed to get an interview with Alan Robinson who was publicity manager. I worked for a printer manager Glynn Sands who had very loud shoes walking along the cat walks to the front office to see paper reps. The cat walks went around the shop floor of the Banks labelling machines. Yvonne Fenn was Barry Fairest’s secretary and I remember Ralph Cousins and Peter Turnock. Terry Smith was the company secretary with a Corsair! Peter Calmeer was the manger of the vac forming of the Tomboy boat. Colin Ward was a good designer who helped to teach me artwork….ford anglia. There was an aluminium boat called the Gillie which I can find no pictures of. Sadly, there was boat sold to Ireland and there was a tragic loss of life when it turned over and sank. There was a new manger appointed after Alan Robinson left called Brian Ginty who lived in Radyr in wales. He regularly went to the pub on the corner and had 3 or 4 points of cider for lunch! For an 18 year old I had a ball…..great fun , very interesting bunch of people.
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