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  1. The other question could be, what would the other parties do that is any different? Why should people vote for the Lib Dems or the Green party? I get regular leaflets from the Lib Dems that don't really tell me what they will do for Sheffield or my neighbourhood.
  2. The Committee meetings are all on the Council's website to watch. These will show that officers present reports, which are scrutinised by the Committee members. This scrutiny does include some questioning of the advice in the reports. If the Committee doesn't agree, the report isn't approved.
  3. I believe Council's were allowed to keep a certain percentage of the capital receipt. This may have been as low as 25%. The remaining funds were sent to central government. Whether the Treasury chose to spend the remaining 75% of the capital receipt on replacing the social housing which was lost, I doubt it.
  4. Surely this is subject to a legal challenge though, due to GDPR stipulations. I am no expert but I thought that data had to be captured for a specific purpose and only used for that purpose. The potential of 'mission creep' for this kind of technology is scary. Hopefully those pesky lawyers will challenge this. We are waiting to see if we get a PCN for crossing the Dartford bridge over the NY period. Our car was previously a motability vehicle. We bought the car in October and the forms were completed to change the use with the DVLA. We tried to pay the toll for crossing the bridge, but we couldn't as the car is still listed as exempt. So now we are waiting to see if we get a PCN. It's now nearly 3 months later and no sign of a PCN. I'm guessing that the DVLA are as snowed under with these kinds of requests.
  5. I had a clutch fitted in a 09 1.6 mini cooper. It cost in the region of that. I think the flywheel was replaced as well.
  6. Was your comment about the shipping containers? I doubt it. The usual 'public sector bad, private sector good' stuff that we hear frequently. There's never any nuance, or alternative ideas proposed. Just more anti-public sector rhetoric.
  7. Good luck with the assessment. I'm sure there's options out there that are right for the young person. Did you get assistance from Children's services? I know it might be difficult to think about the future but it might be worth thinking it all through.
  8. Have you managed to get some advice and help with your situation?
  9. Are they under 18 or over? Are you in receipt of other Council/NHS funded support? I would keep persevering with getting hold of the Council's social care teams so that they can help with this.
  10. It's the Sheffield Online Facebook page. Most articles relating to anything that the Council does sparks negative comments on that page.
  11. That's your opinion. I dont' use any social care at all, ever. So, using your arguement, I shouldn't pay for it. I also don't use any schools. However, as I believe that taxes are raised to ensure money can be spent to provider public services, I willing pay what the government (local and central) tell me I should.
  12. In this instance, as with others, the Council is damned if they do and damned if they don't. £300k is tiny in comparison with the whole Council expenditure, and some communities will use it for activities on the day, which is really important.
  13. Not really. Services will be cut as inflationary pressures will affect the cost of delivery.
  14. Pets at Home have a donation bin at the Kilner Way shop. I'm not sure which charities the donations go to.
  15. A major issue with the energy use in the country is on domestic heating. We have some huge numbers of ageing housing stock. In 2014, George Osbourne also cut the 'green' charges from Energy bills. Those charges were funding insulation programmes which were benefitting individual households, and presumably the building contractors who were employed on them. The Tory party have attempted to develop a subsidy scheme to encourage owner occupiers to upgrade their homes, both of these schemes have failed.
  16. This statement refers to conjestion measures: https://www.oxford.gov.uk/news/article/2332/joint_statement_from_oxfordshire_county_council_and_oxford_city_council_on_oxford_s_traffic_filters
  17. I believe it's common in the care sector for an employer to ask an employee to waive their rights to the WTD. Many care providers would struggle to fill shift requirements if this constraint was in place.
  18. I believe the previous owners of the Moor (not sure whether this is all the shop units or the pavement areas) were Scottish Widows.
  19. In terms of the link between air pollution and the impact on health, there have been numerous studies which indicate that Sheffield has an issue with shorter life expectancy and other health indicators. Prior to the Tory government of 2010, Sheffield benefitted from a lot of Government support to try and improve health outcomes for individuals. In terms of the 15 min City model, this depends on how this is implemented. Oxfordshire Council have chosen to link this with congestion reducing measures. The OP of this thread hasn't provided a link to the proposal for Sheffield, so we don't know what the Council are considering.
  20. The Moor is quite vibrant now, certainly with the redeveloped section. A lot of the shops have moved from Fargate (Next etc). The Debenhams unit is huge, not sure who will take that on. The end by MF looks as grim as ever though. I think the outdoor market is a reason for people to visit. Hopefully the Council do take this action to protect this part of the city centre.
  21. I think if people care about the health of their children and grandchildren, the CAZ should be supported. I'm still not sure why a 15min city is such a bad thing. To me, I think it sounds great.
  22. I assume this is because the owners are trying to change the operating days of the market stalls? I spoke to the owner of the jacket potato stall last week about it. I guess SCC still has the freehold for the site so can enforce the 'market charter'. Unless someone enforces this, the owners (New River?), can basically do what the heck they want to. If the Council don't do this, then this would be detrimental to the market, and the viability of the Moor as a whole.
  23. Does the IBI tax also part fund other statutory responsibilities that are devolved to local authorities? Sounds the IBI is a modernised version of what the Council tax could be, if successive (mainly Tory) governments actually reviewed the funding stream properly.
  24. People on this forum aren't interested in facts, or finding out more about how the Council spends it's money or makes decisions. It's far easier to moan about 'them'.
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