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  1. 2 hours ago, Chekhov said:

    I am obsessed with people being able to keep their freedoms.

    Everything from being able to run a car and go where they want when they want to, being able to fly away to make their lives more pleasurable and fulfilling,

    Every 'freedom' has a cost though.


    For years, drivers and airline passengers haven't paid the true cost of making these choices. For example, the damaging effects of particulates from diesel engines has only recently become a mainstream topic of debate and discussion. The NHS is now bearing these costs in more and more people presenting with asthma in built up areas. The individuals themselves who's lives are shortened by air pollution are bearing the costs. 


    Similarly with air traffic. It is one of the least taxed forms of travel. Expansion of airports is seen as the economic miracle (the years of debate over another runway at Heathrow.. Johnson's ridiculous idea to build another airport for London v rail expenditure in the north of England..), at the same time as the climate is warming. 


    So, yes, happy for people to make these choices. As long as the implications of those choices is understood and paid by the polluter.


    Only then will people switch to transport methods which have less impact. 


    Yes, I am in a 2 car household. Both quite modern engines, one is a petrol hybrid. 

  2. 49 minutes ago, Mister M said:

    That's my understanding as well.

    In a debate on the radio on this subject, a serving police officer said when they were training they only receive about 3 days being taught on this area. Of course, there's much more to dealing with mental health crises than what someone is taught on a course, however given that the NHS do employ mental health workers, in instances where other people's lives are not in danger, the NHS should be taking the lead on this, and not police officers. 

    I would imagine that training would mainly focus on the legal issues around this, rather than how to support people in crisis.


    Hopefully, NHS MH Trusts will have to ensure that there are sufficient resources in their crisis teams to manage demand- recruiting more AMHPs or other specialist workers. It may lead to a greater emphasis on preventing crises from ocurring in the first place but I am not holding my breath. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Organgrinder said:

    I agree  with that but,  do we know that they do have to wait with them ?

    I would imagine they have to wait if the patient is being violent or threatening,  in which case that's not the hospitals fault and it is the police's responsibility.

    If patients are calm, I wouldn't expect the police to wait at all,  but I admit that I don't know whether they do.


    I might be wrong, but my perception is that there are instances where Police Officers do wait in A&E. I would hope that this is based on a risk assessment but I don't know.


    In any case, if there are only limited numbers of officers covering a geographical area, having 1-2 officers waiting in A&E must have an impact on responding to other 999 calls. 

  4. 18 hours ago, Tipstaff said:

    My experience of them is mixed.  I believe that they are a small team dealing with a massive problem and no-one likes to be called out in the middle of the night. 

    Our society is so MH aware nowadays and the focus is on everyone being open about it, the result being the increase in reported cases.  I'm afraid years ago, you bit your lip and got on with life, or went under.  I sometimes wonder if we will ever be able to put the lid on again?

    There's a big difference between having a crisis which requires to be sectioned under the MH Act, and people being more aware of their own MH. 


    18 hours ago, Mister M said:

    As I understand it there are crisis teams already operating in the NHS which operate on a 24 hour basis. 

    I have no personal experience of them as a service, however clients who I have worked with in the social care system have used them. Their experience of this service ranges from excellent to dire.

    Given they are already there paid to provide a service, why aren't they used much more? I'm pretty sure that other NHS regions in the UK will have them.

    EDIT: It's worth also bearing in mind just how many beds in the NHS have been cut in the last 40 years, many of these will be specifically for psychiatric patients. And because enough resources haven't been put into to community care services to match the decline in in-patient care, I suppose police stations regarded as 'places of safety' have been over used. 

    But it is up to the NHS, and possibly social services to lead the way on this.

    Hopefully it will focus the mind of NHS leaders and politicians. A police custody suite is no place for someone who is in crisis.


    Police Officers shouldn't be expected to wait in A&E with any patient. Maybe if Police Forces sent invoices to the Trusts for the time spent, it would focus minds on this matter. 

  5. 12 hours ago, The_DADDY said:

    It seems that there might be trouble in paradise for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they are 'taking time apart', according to reports.


    It's claimed that the pair are facing financial woes after their Spotify deal was scrapped.


    The couple's $20m deal with the company ended after Meghan's podcast 'Archetypes' only ever released 12 episodes.


    In a statement released last month, both Spotify and Archewell Audio, Harry and Meghan's production company, said they had mutually agreed to part ways.


    The Spotify snub is said to have left Meghan 'distraught'.




    Well I'm shocked.

    Shocked and stunned

    Shocked, stunned and surprised. 

    I wish MeAgain and Harry H all the best for the future.


    Your thoughts?

    The whole article is suitably vague. Presumably so the paper doesn't get sued, as Harry is far more litiguous now he is a semi-private citizen. Just enough detail to sell a few papers & get some clickbait on the website. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, bassett one said:

    no one from scc or parks are bothered about the mud ect,its all about money and if the parks gained extras for the use all year round the locals really cannot complain as they bought into the whole idea,they could of course put down a floor to help save the ground for a short while,but again its all about profit.its a great asset to the city but its like most things its at a cost.

    Once again, what 'profit' do SCC make from Tramlines? Fees for the license for the event to go ahead- just as any event involving alcohol and loud music would require? A fee for the use of the land? Hillsborough Park has recently had considerable investment, in the form of a fab new skate board park, maybe the fees from Tramlines funded that.


    Locals have representation via their elected Councillors, as we all do. Statements have been released from Tramlines & the Council, which make it pretty clear that Tramlines are going to bear the cost of the work to Hillsborough park to make it good.: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-66290477.


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  7. 12 hours ago, bassett one said:

    not a answer to that above,but your idea of meadowhall and theres ,the norton  ex airforce area  sound good to move this event to, as hillsbrough park does not look as the perfect spot everyone said it was now does it,total mess ,but i am sure scc will be happy with all the cash

    Do SCC own Tramlines? I thought it was a private company?


  8. 21 hours ago, rogets said:

    The other day I was walking near a local beauty spot near  the sheffield 6 area  and there was a dog, I won't go into a full description who the dog was but it had 4 legs and I will leave it there.  People who walk near this area will probably know the culprit is.


    On sunday the culprit and its owner parked their car at 9:57am, they got out of their car at 9:59am, the owner threw the dogs ball for 22 minutes and at 10:27am the dog left its deposit and 37 seconds later the owner kicked the deposit into the bushes, they both got into their car and left the area at 10:41am


    This was one example, this is not an isolated incident, what on earth is going wrong in our society?


    Maybe we should name and shame the culprits and their owners?

    As my dog rolled in human **** a few weeks ago which was deposited in my local park, shall we consider what is worse? TBH you have practically named and shamed this individual and their dog. 

  9. On 22/03/2022 at 22:28, Resident said:

    Getting police and council enforcement to pull their heads out of their backsides and start seizing all the vehicles parking on pavements and double yellows would be the place to start. 

    As it's stands I wouldn't live there if the house & all bills were free for life. 

    Rather than building on the brown-sites, just bulldoze the lot and start again. 

    How will that regenerate the area?

  10. 23 hours ago, Gormenghast said:

    The Rivers Trust sewage discharge map indicatez that there were 75 discharges into the Porter Brook in 2022 for a total of 117.58 hours from the Hangingwater Road Combined Sewer Overflow, which I believe is somewhere below Forge Dam, above Endcliffe Park.




    I dont know how to  show a picture, but if you look on the site and find the map it can be expanded to find the Porter Brook. If you click on the black spots it gives information on discharges.



    Thank you for sharing this link. I looked a few weeks back and could only find information for 2021. 

  11. On 07/05/2023 at 09:02, MunXy said:

    I live in pitsmoor, my neighbor is an elderly Asian lady who until this year, had council worker kept her garden grass relatively well kept.

    this year however, they shave stopped this service, citing cost cutting etc, yet just 500 yards or so in Burngreave, I noticed several bungalows on Buckenham street and Ditchingham street having their gardens mowed by said council workers.I'm pretty sure both areas are serviced by the same council and same financial restrictions, so why stop the cutting for one area yet carry on with another?

    At least one of the bungalows being serviced, is or was the accommodation of a young and apparently fit person, which begs the question, Why?

    Any help on this would be appreciated.

    incedently, not only is an elderly lady no longer getting help, but several disabled people too.

    Maybe ask the local councillor for help with this. 

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  12. 44 minutes ago, ads36 said:

    that i'm aware of :

    one of the buildings* has been bought, and will become 'events central' - including a small music venue in the cellar


    more trees and planting (see Castlegate)

    power and utilities being built-in so that markets/etc don't need diesel generators

    'hostile vehicle mitigation' - replacing the concrete blocks with something more... subtle.

    (there's more, but i've forgotten) 


    The money came from the Government, to be spent on exactly this kind of thing


    (*i think it used to be Clinton cards, if that helps)



    If it's anything like the new 'Grey to Green' areas, it will look so much better. 

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  13. On 25/04/2023 at 16:31, carosio said:

    I will be going to Spain shortly (first time abroad) and have been looking at the various ways of obtaining euros (for the best rates, of course).


    As it happens I have a Virgin Money debit card which is supposed to be 'fee free' but I can't get to the bottom of whether there are charges when using the card for purchases or using an ATM there.


    So, any advice welcome.

    Have you looked at the Money Saving Expert website? There is some good advice on there about the options. If you are wanting to use cash, the exchange rate can between the providers. 

  14. On 12/04/2023 at 19:10, bladesbird said:


    I am looking for wedding reception venues in the sheffield or near by area. We have been fortunate to have been offered a cancellation at Sheffield town hall, on the 1st of July, so we are not only limited on time but also money. 

    I am so envious of everyone that can afford to book these grand halls and hotels but on our budget we wouldn’t  be able to afford it.

    can anyone recommend somewhere that could possibly accommodate us?


    Many thanks 😊 

    Village halls- such as Bradfield, Oughtibridge? There may be local businesses that could cater for you as well (School Rooms at Bradfield, I think there's a cafe at Oughti..).  Advantage is the space and a great big field for young & old kids to run about in. 


  15. 17 hours ago, Anna B said:

    Actually, I don't think it's voting for the Party, I'm more voting for the man. Although I would like to see parties other than Labour get some seats and Lib Dems are in with a good chance in my ward. 


    He says: 

    "Labour are only 3 seats away from from gaining overall control of the council again, - giving them a green light to do whatever they want, and our voices may continue to be ignored."


    "By choosing me, you're supporting someone who:

    • Truly listens and understands your concerns.
    • Is open and honest about decisions and actions.
    • Prioritises your best interests and fights for our community.
    • Works to build a strong, thriving Sheffield for everyone."


    Plus a lot more which sounds good to me, but we all know words are cheap, so we'll just have to see.


    Trouble is, these are words.


    At the end of the day, the Council spends a high proportion of it's budget on Social Care, and is reliant on capital grants from Government to pay for other initiatitves (such as the famous containers). These grants can only be used for certain projects. 

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  16. 2 minutes ago, Mister M said:

    Pity cheerful landlords aren't the in thing:

    Grays Essex pub owner Chris Ryley refuses to take down Golliwog dolls |  Metro News

    I've been to some odd pubs in my time, but this is a bit strange. BTW, I would have the same opinion if these were teddy bears or clowns. I understand that a pub may sometimes seem as though it's an extension of a home but this is a bit too far along those lines for me. 

  17. 1 minute ago, RollingJ said:

    What condition of entry? I assume if her husband has held the license for 17 years, they know the terms and wouldn't break them - methinks 'cressida' is seeing something that isn't there, and you are using your wooden spoon - again.


    Disagree - merely because I don't understand this 'I'm offended for...' culture.

    I'm not offended by them. I wouldn't want to go in to a pub where these dolls were on display. I doubt any publican is going to be bothered what I think though. I don't think these kinds of items send a very good message about the people who own the business. Why a business owner would want to put off any potential customers is beyond me. 

  18. 48 minutes ago, The_DADDY said:


    EXCLUSIVE Pub landlady defies police orders and puts five golliwogs back on display to applause from lunchtime drinkers just days after six officers seized 20 dolls in 'hate crime' probe






    Your thoughts?

    My initial thoughts were that these were strange things to have in a pub. If collecting these items are a hobby, why put them on a display in an area where members of the public see them. I would think that if the items were railway carriages or dolls, so I'm not just picking up on them just because they are gollywogs. I think the landlady is being provocative by having these on display. 

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  19. 11 hours ago, Anna B said:

    I have been bleating for ages about the poor quality of information about candidates for ages. How are you expected to vote blind without knowing the people standing? I'm in a marginal so do get a lot of flyers through the door, I take the trouble to read them all, but most aren't worth the paper they're written on. Pointless and useless.  


    However I did get a few from Rob Reis for the LIb Dems. In particular one which was a big improvement on the usual guff. It was a text heavy CV, (I wonder if he's on SF?) It was very informative, included a personal biography, (he lives locally in the area he wants to represent.) His Aims, and gave his opinions on several issues, which chimed with my own perceptions. He's a campaigner not a sycophant and he seems sincere. So having considered spoiling my voting slip with 'None of the above' I have decided instead to give my vote to Rob.


    He won't be perfect I'm sure, but I got the impression he had the energy and drive to make a difference. He'll certainly try, I feel sure of that. He might let me down, but I'll be keeping an eye on him with interest. 


    Did he outline what the Lib Dems would do differently to the current administration? 

  20. On 07/04/2023 at 10:25, cressida said:

    We only get the Lib/Dems.  round to our house,  now they are worth voting for locally and get things done,  never see or hear from other parties,  makes me wonder if they're  too embarrassed to talk to constituents.

    The Lib dems are campaigning hard in this area. Very negative with the claims in their campaign leafletting. According to their leaflet, the Lib Dems have a plan to make Sheffield better. It's s shame that this plan isn't detailed in their campaign literature! 

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  21. 1 hour ago, Chekhov said:

    Can anyone defend this ?

    More to the point isn't this kind of woke discrimination more likely to increase racism rather than the opposite ?


    White actors' film roles decline in wake of Black Lives Matter
    Study showing fall comes after protests and complaints of a lack of diversity in Hollywood.

    On streaming services in 2022 only 57% of all roles went to white performeres, which is below their 61% proportion in the population.



    This probably reflects the trend of 'colour blind casting':  https://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/colorblind-casting-bridgerton/


    Given it's political leanings, the Telegraph would have an issue with this approach. 

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